You Can Play New Pokemon Snap Game on Nintendo Switch, Soon!

You Can Play New Pokemon Snap Game on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced a new project called “New Pokemon Snap” for Nintendo Switch along with a short gameplay teaser.

Pokemon Snap game will be present on the Nintendo Switch. Wired reported, for now only known that New Pokemon Snap is being developed by Bandai Namco.

This game displays better visuals than the previous title developed by Game Freak, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and also features Pokemon that covers all eight generations of franchises.

Using a first-person camera perspective, players aim to get the best shots from Pokemon, from sandy beaches to clear blue waters, grasslands, and dense forests.

Pokemon bait also appears, letting players pull monsters out of hiding for better shots as they scroll automatically throughout the island.

New Pokemon Snap

Players may be judged on their ability to frame and compose interesting photo shots, like the original. Big and small Pokémon from all of the series’s historical features in the trailer, confirm that this isn’t a mere remaster of the original game (which only displays monsters from the original selection 151).

Unfortunately, there is no official date yet for this New Pokemon Snap game. Bearing in mind, at this time information is still scarce regarding the New Pokemon Snap game.

Reportedly, the game New Pokemon Snap already announced during the Nintendo and The Pokemon Company’s event on June 17, 2020.

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