WOW! Line Group Call Can Accommodate 500 People at a time

Line Group Call Can Accommodate 500 People

Line announces updates for group call services. At present, Line, audio and video message exchange applications can accommodate 500 people at a time.

This feature can be enjoyed directly by Line users through the Line application version 10.9.0 and above for mobile phones, and version 6.1.0 and above for the desktop version.

Line explained, through the increase in participants up to 500 people, Line allows users to communicate widely on a large scale. When making a call with 500 people, users can see who is joining.

In video calls, users can swipe the screen to see members’ faces at the top. While for audio calls, users can see their friend’s profile by sliding it up or down.

This update is mentioned Line, quite useful to be used when going to do a large online meeting or just communicating with friends and their family.

To make this group call, users can first create a group on the Line and invite their friends to the group up to 500 people. After that, users just need to start a group call, both audio and video.

Line Watch Together Feature

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Furthermore, users can also take advantage of several other additional features in group calls, such as “Watch Together” which allows users and their friends to watch video shows on YouTube and share screens with this feature.

Not only that, but there are also various video and background effects that can be used. The layer sharing feature is only available when making video calls.

Memo Keep feature

Line also provides a new feature called “Memo Keep”. This feature allows users on the Line to store various data into a chatroom on the Line. Often users create groups that contain their accounts or send them to their friends to save data in the chatroom so that they can be used later.

By updating Line to the latest version, “Memo Keep” will appear in their chatroom. Users can link this feature in the top position and start sending various data, such as images, videos, or chat into this application.

To allow “Memo Keep” to store data forever, users can synchronize it with the “Keep” feature available in “Memo Keep” by pressing the “Keep” icon located at the top right.

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