What is Payroll Software? Features, Benefits, and Solutions

What is Payroll Software Features, Benefits, and Solutions

 What is Payroll Software 

As the business develops, which is marked by the generation of multinational companies, start-ups, and small to medium enterprises (SMEs), the number of employees also increases.

The lives of these employees depend on the regular payroll. So, some of these companies need to ensure that their employees receive salaries on time and accurately.

The problem that often occurs is that the salary calculation process takes a long time, miscalculating, late receiving, employees who have resigned still receive salaries, and complain about the amount of salary.

Business owners are starting to realize that calculating employee salaries with a spreadsheet isn’t enough, they have to use payroll software.

What is Payroll System?

Payroll Software for Small Business

Before we discussing what is payroll software. First, you have to know what is Payroll system? The term “salary” actually refers to employees who are compensated by the company where they work.

However, most companies generally use the term to refer to money paid to employees or various records that describe how much money each employee wants.

Salaries can influence every aspect of an organization, from the company’s reputation to the morale of its employees. One of the motivations for employees to work in the company is also salary. If they feel they aren’t getting paid enough, they will tend to work less well and even quit their job.

The definition of payroll in terms of accounting and economics is a payroll method specifically designed by a company so that the workforce’s payroll process becomes more effective and efficient.

Payroll can also refer to companies, departments, systems, or software used to process salary calculations including taxes and employee health insurance.

This calculation will be. based on working hours or the number of days in one week plus the total number of hours worked by an employee in one month, overtime allowances, holiday allowances, and abatements.

The payroll system can be processed by each company regularly, starting from monthly, weekly, or daily.

Payroll processing is a very important function of any business and requires an understanding of the latest laws, detailed tax knowledge to determine the right withholding and filing, and a highly organized and reliable method of paying employees amounts of money.

Each company may have its payroll structure consisting of various unique payroll components that other companies don’t have.


What is Payroll Software?

Payroll Software Function

Payroll software is a type of software that makes it easier for companies to calculate the salaries of their employees. Often these calculations also include data elements of employee attendance, overtime, meal allowances, health insurance, and taxes.

This software is usually incorporated into or part of the HRIS (Human Resource Information System) used by the company.

With this software, companies can easily calculate the salaries that must be paid to employees based on the calculation of working hours or attendance data that has been integrated into the system.

Then the system will automatically withdraw the company’s salary or deposit funds to the registered employee’s account.

Many companies use payroll software mainly because it can calculate certain taxes or abatements before wages are totaled and paid to employees.


Payroll Software Solutions and Benefits

Why Do Companies Need Payroll Software Service? Because the payroll process that is carried out every month must be done accurately and regularly without any errors.

For this reason, investing in the use of payroll software is something that you shouldn’t underestimate, especially if you have a large company.

Companies no longer need to worry about miscalculations and salary transfers using this software because it can be resolved directly by the system.

Using this software will save time and energy, control employee salary costs, and also eliminate errors.

The process of calculating and sending employee salaries can be completed in a short time with payroll software, make the Finance and HRD system more flexible.

Also, having software that can handle payroll on your own without having to rent or use third party services will be more beneficial for the company.

Besides saving more money, owning the software itself can also eliminate potential miscommunications about salary and minimize the number of parties that have to interact.


Payroll Software Features

The Payroll Software Features

• Calculating Abatements and Total Salaries

After the total salary amount has been determined, the system automatically calculates abatements such as taxes, coverage, and Health insurance. All abatements will be entered directly into the gross pay amount before being automatically sent to the employee’s account.

In fact, certain payroll software systems can include reimbursement cost, a treatment that doesn’t use insurance, and other employee expenses automatically.

• Creating Tax Forms

There are several Payroll software that is able to create tax forms according to company and employee needs. The tax form can then be printed or sent to the party concerned.

• Stores Data Automatically and Safely

Storing data manually is time-consuming, difficult to do, and requires a lot of paper and storage space. Given that the payroll software is run using the system, companies no longer need to bother preparing for these things. Old data can also be deleted easily if it’s no longer needed.

• Can Be Adjusted To Company Needs

Not all companies have the same needs, and companies can adjust it to the payroll system they choose. Companies can convey their needs to their respective vendors.

For example, payroll software for small business requires fewer features than a large company considering the number of employees and needs.

On the other hand, payroll software for large companies requires features that able to integrate with other aspects of planning and resource management, such as attendance management, scheduling, licensing, and other functions.

• Self-Service

The use of payroll software allows employees to directly access information data regarding the amount of salary, abatements, working time, bonuses, and more.

This feature also allows employees who want to submit something automatically without having to make a request letter to HR.

• Cloud-Based Payroll Software

Currently, almost all payroll software is cloud-based so that it can be accessed whenever and wherever you want as long as you use a device connected to the internet.

This cloud-based payroll software system will also be updated automatically when tax policies change so that employee salaries will always be adjusted to government regulations.

• Making Reports As Needed

The high frequency of transactions related to payroll certainly requires reports that are easy to read for the analysis process. Together with Accounting, you can create detailed payroll transaction reports according to your company’s needs.

Payroll software is a computer program used to manage employee payroll-related data. The benefits of this software are safe, practical, accurate, and (especially for cloud-based payroll software) can be accessed from anywhere.

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