Vivo Opens Blind Pre-Order X50 Series Today

Vivo Opens Blind Pre-Order X50 Series Today

Vivo is indeed preparing to release the X50 Series. The Vivo flagship device will come in two models, namely the Vivo X50 and Vivo X50 Pro.

Now, approaching the launch, the X50 Series duo can be ordered via Blind Pre-Order on which will last until 15 July. Unlike the Pre-order, Blind Pre-Order doesn’t reveal the selling price of the X50 Series.

Interested prospective buyers will only be charged an advance of USD 35 for the regular or Pro version. With this price, Vivo offers an attractive bundling package, in the form of a Blibli voucher worth USD 20 and a Vivo TWS NEO specifically for the purchase of the Vivo X50.

Vivo X50 Pro

Meanwhile, the Vivo X50 Pro device offers Blibli vouchers valued at USD 35, Vivo TWS NEO, and Google Nest Mini worth USD 140. Later, vouchers can be used to order the Vivo X50 Series.

Apart from that, the price of the Vivo X50 is still a secret. However, according to old Gadgets, the price of the X50 is predicted to range from USD 480 for Vivo X50, USD 550 for Vivo X50 Pro.

Problem specifications, the X50 device hasn’t been revealed. Vivo only calls the X50 series having photographic capabilities as a superior feature to carry.

One of them, the camera device is packing a new camera system called “Gimbal Stabilization”.

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