Bad News! Vivo Indonesia Ads Use Dream Girl Song Without Permission

Vivo Indonesia Use Anna of the North Song

Bad news must be received by Vivo Indonesia ahead of the launch of the V20. One of the V20 ad videos, reportedly using the song without permission from the creator.

This information was uploaded directly by the singer of the song Dream Girl, Anna of the North, through her official Instagram account, Saturday (26/9).

The Norwegian singer expressed his frustration at the unauthorized use by Vivo for commercial needs.He even openly included how he looked when he learned of the incident.

Furthermore, Anna also uploaded video footage of the Vivo V20 Series advertisement starring Maudy Ayunda with her song ‘Dream Girls’ chanting. The short 1-minute video has been broadcast since 23 September and has been watched 9.9 million times.

In the video for the Vivo V20 Series advertisement, you can hear the music of ‘Dream Girl’, but with different lyrics. Confirming this problem, Selular has tried to contact Vivo Indonesia. However, until this news was written, there had not been any response.

Dream Girls already used the iPad Pro ad

The music of ‘Dream Girl’ is not the first time it has been used in commercials. According to CloverLeo’s observation on Anna of the North’s Youtube account, the song has also been featured in advertisements for technology devices, which is the iPad Pro.

Unlike the unauthorized Vivo, Apple officially credits Anna as the song creator. Likewise, Anna, who embeds a copy of the iPad Pro ad URL in her Dream Grils upload on Youtube

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In comparison, Vivo doesn’t include any music credits in the description box on Youtube. There is only a copy of the URL to place an order for Vivo V20 Series on several e-commerce sites, as well as more information about the device.

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