Tips for Turning Your Home into an Office

Tips for Turning Your Home into an Office

 Turning Your Home into an Office 

Covid-19 pandemic which hasn’t finished yet, making the business world still applies for work from home for some of its employees.

With this condition employees are also required to remain productive in completing all tasks given by the company as well as working in an office.

For that, we need the right device to support work activities at home. Here are some tips from Cloverleo for Turning Your Home into an Office.

Choose the right computer

At present all office work can almost be done remotely with a stable telecommunications network. To be able to complete the work properly, of course, the device that is owned must be really as needed. You can choose a PC or laptop to support performance properly.

The most ideal PC or laptop for a professional must be multi-functional and safe to handle a variety of workloads. In the layout of the work-from-home area, users must be able to use their PC to work from anywhere in their home environment.

The PC used must also have fast and concise connectivity, robust performance, and smarter devices, ranging from ultra-premium to more affordable prices.


Use a comfortable monitor

According to Forrester Research, 92% of employees stated that ergonomically optimized computer monitors are very important to increase productivity and comfort when they switch to a remote working mode more permanently.

Choose the Right computer


Speakerphone for teleconferencing

Remote workers spend more time in virtual meetings but do not always feel comfortable using a headset for hours. speakerphone which can be integrated with a PC or laptop can be used for teleconferencing comfortably and effectively.


Supporting accessories

The right computer accessories are also needed to support performance when working at home. Choose accessories with various compatibility features that can increase and increase work area capacity. For example, charging dock for PC or keyboard and mouse.

All of these devices can help create the ideal office-at-home work environment with the help of technology.

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