Tips for Choosing Used Phones 2020, Don’t Be Tricked! 

 How to Choosing Used Phones 

Used smartphones are indeed an alternative to getting good specifications at a much cheaper price.

Most smartphones like Samsung Galaxy M11, Vivo, Oppo to phones with the best camera quality are still the target of buyers even though they are already used.

Unfortunately, you will regret it for life if you make the wrong choice!

So, this is tips for choosing used Phones to see if it’s still good or not!

How to Check the Quality of Used Cell phones

In fact, checking used phones isn’t just a physical problem. You have to research the performance in it too, like seals, specifications and other things.

This is how to check used phones so you don’t choose the wrong choice!

Check the phone case

Tips for choosing used Phones Check the case

One thing that is most easily seen and evaluated from a used cell phone is the phone case or body. Even so, examining the phone from the casing is also not easy!

You have to pay close attention to all sides of the phone body. Look and feel carefully at each side and corner. Make sure there are no defects, whether it’s a defect due to a fall or a scratch.

Besides that, you can also see the determination of body quality and color easily. If there has been a drastic decrease in color, just look for another phone.

Don’t forget either! Check regularly on the SIM Card and SD Card ports. Make sure that there are no water spots, rust remaining, or even bent slots.

Our advice is, just choose the color that is still great! That way, the phone that you bought will look like a new one.


Phone Features

Tips for choosing used Phones Check the Features

If you buy a new phone, you will be given lots of supporting features, right? Like chargers, warranty cards, headsets, even gamepads. So, before buying a second phone, make sure you know all the features that come with the new one.

Don’t you dare to buy a phone in a loose pack or without a box. Because most phones without boxes are usually stolen from someone and untrusted.

Also, make sure there is an official phone box that you want to buy.


The integrity of Used Phone Seals

The integrity of Used Phone Seals

The phone seal also has an important indication in determining what you want to buy. Unfortunately, some are still confused about the type of phone seal to watch out for.

The focus of the phone seal here is the seal that is in specifications or body. You can find this seal in spots to dismantle your phone when you want to do service.

If you see that there is already a stamp or seal from a certain counter, it means that the phone has had a problem.

If there is no seal from the counter at all, you can be sure that the phone is still good and there have never been any problems before.


How to Check Internal Used Cell phone 2020

Full phone specifications

Full phone specifications

Actually, this isn’t too important. Because most of the phones shown are the same as the specifications in the description.

With rumors about fake cell phones on the market, of course, you have to check more about the specifications.

That is why you have to double-check so you know what devices are planted and their suitability with the selling area or not.

If everything is okay, then you can decide to buy that cell phone or not.


Check the Registered IMEI Number

Check the Registered IMEI Number

IMEI is one of the important aspects to look at.

IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity is an official and unique number that is usually used to identify the letter and the officiality of the smartphone being sold.

The use of IMEI has also been integrated with other important features such as 3GPP and IDEN signals. These two signal features have an important function for connecting your smartphone to the satellite.

You must already know very well what is the signal to the satellite function. Yups, with access to this satellite, your smartphone can be used to send SMS, access the internet, turn on the radio and other necessities via the SIM Card that you bought.

This means that if the smartphone does not have an IMEI number, it can be ascertained that the phone is an illegal item. IMEI is what guarantees the authenticity of the phone you want to buy.


Features Integrity and Functions

Features Integrity and Functions

What is the purpose of you buying a used phone? There are tons of phone options with good specifications at affordable prices.

We believe that your goal is none other than getting the best features at a much cheaper price.

That is why you hope that the phone features are still complete with the functions that are still running well.

From our experience, some used phone buyers admit that there is damage in several important parts, whether it’s main features or supporting features.

So, don’t choose a used phone whose main feature has a problem.

For example, the rear camera pop-up feature that is owned by the Oppo F11 Pro will be very detrimental for you as a buyer if the feature is damaged.

Conversely, it’s no big deal if the phone flashlight is damaged, because you can use other features such as external light and Night Mode as a replacement for a damaged flashlight.


Phone Authenticity

Phone Authenticity 

One thing that can deceive used phone buyers the most is the authenticity because there are lots of cases that report fake cell phones.

The latest example of this case is the iPhone that is Evercoss, damn!

Then, how do you detect the authenticity of the phone?

It’s really easy. You can see and detect it from the OS or ROM, whether it’s iOS or Android.

Besides, you can also see it from the icon types, UX, and UI which are the unique characteristics of each phone, iOS, or Android.

This way, you won’t be fooled by the scam mode.


Phone Signal Testing

Phone Signal Testing

The main thing you have to pay attention to when buying a used phone is none other than the signal. Damage to other elements can still be tolerated and replaced. But what happens if the signal is broken?

You see, this signal driver is the main door for communication as the main task of a phone.

So, you have to make sure the signal received on your phone is the same as that registered on the IMEI earlier. Usually, there is a list like HSDPA, 3G, 4G, and even 5G.


Phone Warranty Checks

Phone Warranty Checks

You need to know, not all second phones are long! You see, there are lots of users whose hobbies are changing phone. So, phone that were released recently could also have the same fate, which is to become second-hand goods.

So, our advice, always ask the seller for info about the phone warranty in question. It could be, the phone is still under the warranty period.

Not only that, but the guarantee can also usually be extended. There are lots of phone counters that dare to give fake warranty cards that can’t be claimed easily.

So, the warranty does not make phone claims easier, it makes it even more difficult.


Real-time Phone Market Prices

Real-time Phone Market Prices

Returning to the original goal, the market price is the main requirement that must be examined when you want to buy a used cellphone. Make sure the price you choose is the real-time price.

In this case, the market price of the phone is reasonably below the market price of the new one. So, you have to adjust it to the market price of a used cellphone, not a new cellphone.

First, check the brand, type, and the phone specifications you want to buy. Then, just determine the right price according to the data you got.

You see, the first offer of a second phone is certainly really high when you buy it at the counter or marketplace. With the data that you have collected earlier, hopefully, you can determine the right price, with strong enough data.

Our advice is, try to choose a quality phone, even if it’s used goods. Besides, the calculation is also about the possibility of damage that might occur as an input of the total purchase price.


Phone Condition Check Apps

If it’s really difficult to check the condition of your smartphone manually, our advice is to just use an application to check the condition of your phone on Android. There are lots of apps that can be used to check them.

But here, we will use the Phone Doctor Plus application.

  • How to check the condition of your second cellphone using the Phone Doctor Plus application is really easy:
  • Download the Phone Doctor Plus application via the Play Store and install it on your cellphone.
  • Click the Check menu at the top of the screen
    Phone Doctor Apps
  • Do all the testing, starting from Outer Hardware, Inner Hardware, Sensor, to Connection > each of these categories has a certain sub-category.
    Phone Doctor App
  • The sign that appears:
    • Tick Green | performance features that you check still nice
    • Exclamation Orange | No performance less than the maximum time to do testing
    • Red-X | Performance features that check did not pass the check
  • If the categories don’t qualify, try checking again > Maybe you did the wrong part of the test.
  • Fix the feature before you finish scanning
    Phone Doctor Application


List of Used Cellphone Check Apps

Apart from Phone Doctor Plus, you can also choose other several application to check your used cellphone. The cool thing is, these applications present the overall checking result data:

  • Phone Tester [a special application for checking hardware or software]
  • AnTuTu Tester [a whole cellphone testing application, both hardware, and software]
  • Sensor Box [a special application for checking sensor features on a cellphone ]
  • Geekbench 5 [a special testing application to get data about memory, RAM status, ROM, to GPU performance]
  • Z-Device Test [a complete application to check all performance on the used phone that you choose]
  • AIDA64 [a system diagnostics utility application used to check all hardware and software]

How come? Indeed looking for a used cellphone is tricky. So, you need to do those tips because better to prevent than to lose, right?

Moreover, you don’t need to have special skills in checking this used cellphone. Just use the apps available on the Play Store, and you’ll be fine!

Let’s share these tips for Choosing Used Phones in 2020, and don’t miss the updates that CloverLeo writes for you every day!

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