Tips And Trick How To Save Android Data

How To Save Android Data

When everything is done using a smartphone, such as online shopping, playing online games, or exploring the internet, your data usage will certainly be easily increased.

However, this can be circumvented, especially for Android smartphone users. Several ways can be taken without having to sacrifice your need for the internet. Users also don’t need to turn it off at any time.

Here are tips for reducing your data so that it doesn’t run out quickly

1. Limit Data Usage

Limiting data usage is done in order to be able to control internet quota every day. If it reaches the limit or reaches the quota usage limit, there will be a warning later.

The trick is also quite easy, by setting data usage restrictions that already exist in the smartphone.

The way is simple. First, check your internet usage in Settings> Connections. If so, click Set mobile data limit or Limit mobile data usage. That way, users can be more efficient without having to cut out internet usage.


2. Don’t let the Application Update Automatically

Don’t let apps on your smartphone automatically update. That must be considered settings not to be updated automatically.

To do this, open Play Store> Settings> Auto-update apps. There are three choices you can use. If you want to avoid updating with a data package, don’t click the Over any network option. Instead, choose Over Wi-Fi only or don’t auto-update apps.


3. Limit the Background

Many applications run as background on Android. For example WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or even games that are not turned off completely. Limit the background

The trick, open Settings> data usage. Then a series of applications will appear based on how much data he uses. Click the application that you want to restrict, then click Restrict app background data.

Please note that this method will limit application motion. For example, when you apply it to Facebook, you won’t get as many notifications before.


4. Activate the Data Saver Feature in Chrome

Chrome is one of the virtual explorer applications that people usually use. To save your data usage when surfing using Chrome, you can use the Data Saver feature.

You just need to open Chrome> settings menu which can be accessed from the top right corner. > open “Data Saver” or “Data Storage” and activate it.

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