TikTok Launches TRAP, The Romance and Thriller K-Drama

TikTok Launches TRAP, The Romance and Thriller K-Drama

 K-drama TRAP 

K-drama fans Kim Dong Han can now watch his work again together with other popular actors such as Woo Davi, Park Lee Hyun, and Son Hyun Woo because TikTok released the first episode of a new Korean drama entitled ‘TRAP’ on July 30, 2020.

TRAP‘, produced by TikTok and tvN D, is a drama made for romance and thriller lovers, and is expected to be as mesmerizing as the previous drama produced by tvN D.

This film tells the story of college students in their twenties, with various complex stories of love, temptation, and betrayal. Parts of the story that cannot be told through the main episode, such as the inner conflicts and intimate feelings of the protagonist, will be released as hidden clips on TikTok.

At the start of the drama, each of the main characters had a TikTok account and were actively involved there, including following their friends and lovers on TikTok and liking their videos. TikTok takes it a step further by creating immersive experiences for viewers.

TikTok K-Drama Trap

After watching the drama, fans can have the opportunity to communicate with the main character on TikTok and be more deeply involved with the story.

There will be a total of 12 suspenseful episodes, and it will make viewers not miss them from the start. Fans on TikTok will also get an exclusive ‘TRAP’ appearance one week before the episode is uploaded to tvN D’s YouTube channel.

TikTok strives to bring joy to its global community through diverse content. TikTok is also planning to create a new type of Korean drama with hidden clips, following last year’s interactive content production.

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