This Year LG Preparing 5G Smartphones

Previous news said LG has prepared 13 Q series smartphones for the global market this year.

It turns out that some models are phones that support 5G. This is taken from the new details about the naming of the trademark that just appeared. The LG Q92 5G (LM-Q920N) is one of the 5G phones and is believed to be a cheaper alternative to the well-received LG Velvet 5G.

Gizmo China reported, LG originally planned to launch the Q92 5G as the LG Q9 2020 5G, but that might have been thrown out.

LG has prepared 13 Q series smartphones

The list also shows that LG will launch two special operator models – LG KT and LG U +, Korea Telecoms, and U + are two of the top three operators in South Korea.

In addition, this list also shows that there will be a 128GB storage model and will be available in various colors.

Apart from Q92, the list also shows the Q series will consist of Q3x, Q5x, Q6x, and Q9x. This means there is another Q9 model in the pipeline which is likely for next year and beyond.

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