The Easiest Way To See Deleted Whatsapp Messages

The Easiest Way To See Deleted Whatsapp Messages

Have you ever sent a wrong message when chatting with your girlfriend or someone on WhatsApp? The shame and panic mixed together, huh!

Fortunately, WhatsApp has an Unsend feature that allows you to delete messages that have already been sent.

Conversely, if the WhatsApp ringtone on your phone sounds but the message has been deleted before you read it, surely you are curious about its contents, right?

Well, if you’re that curious, this time CloverLeo will give you The Easiest Way To See Deleted Whatsapp Messages in a second, check it out.

How to See Deleted Whatsapp Messages

The Unsend feature or commonly known as the “Delete for everyone” feature allows users to delete or retract messages that have been sent previously.

Since it was introduced in 2017, this feature seems to be one of WhatsApp users’ favorite features because it can prevent unwanted things from happening.

Imagine if you send the wrong chat to your parents or even the boss at your company. Wow, you might get scolded!

Well, in this article, CloverLeo will give you a trick how to see deleted WhatsApp messages with 2 Apps only, and it’s pretty easy.

1. How to see deleted WhatsApp messages with Recent Notification app.

The first application that you can use to read deleted WA messages is “Recent Notification”. This app is quite simple and has a light size

How to use it is as follows:

Step 1 – Download and Install Recent Notification

As usual, before you use the Recent Notification application, of course, you have to download the application first.

Step 2 – Give Access to the Application

Give Access to Recent Notification App

Open the Recent WhatsApp application. Before you can use this app, you must give permission to access notifications on your phone. Give Notification Access permission to the Recent Notification app. That way, this app can access every notification that goes on your smartphone.

Step 3 – Make Sure There Are Deleted Messages

Make Sure There Are Deleted Messages

Next, make sure there are Whatsapp messages deleted by others first. The reason is that this method will be useless if you don’t get a message.

And the preparations are completed! Once the notification appears and there is a message that is deleted, you can just go to the Recent Notification app.

Step 4 – Finish

Recent Notification App Trick Finished

All messages that enter your phone will be displayed in the Recent Notification app, whether it’s an incoming message or a message that has been deleted by the person you’re talking to.


2. How to see deleted WhatsApp messages with WhatsRemoved+

Next, CloverLeo will tell you how to read deleted messages in WhatsApp using the WhatsRemoved+ application.

This application has the advantage that you can display all notifications from the other apps you want.

Not only WhatsApp, but you can also use WhatsRemoved+ to read notifications you get from your other social media accounts, such as Twitter or Instagram.

Here is the way you should do:

Step 1 – Download and Install WhatsRemoved+

The first thing you must do to read deleted WhatsApp messages is to download the WhatsRemoved+ app.

Step 2 – Open the WhatsRemoved+ Application

Open the WhatsRemoved+ Application

After it’s installed, open the WhatsRemoved+ app on your smartphone. You will find a page containing a warning when using this app.

Click the Accept button if you agree to the terms and conditions of use of this application.

Step 3 – Give Access to the Application

Give Access to the Application

Like the Recent Notification app, you also need to give access to the WhatsRemoved+ to be able to access all notifications that enter your phone. After granting access or permission, click the Back button to return to the previous page.

Step 4 – Select the Application You Want

Select the Application You Want

Next, select WhatsApp by giving it a check so that WhatsRemoved+ can access notifications that you got. You can give more than 1 check to other chat applications detected by WhatsRemoved+.

After that, click Next. You will be given the option to allow WhatsRemoved+ to detect and save files that have been deleted by your friend or anyone.

If you agree, you must set it so that your WhatsApp always downloads the files you receive automatically.

Step 5 – Finish


You have finished knowing how to view deleted WA messages using the WhatsRemoved+ app. Next, you just have to wait for your friend to send and delete the message before you have a chance to read it.

Also, there are tabs that you can use to choose messages from only certain people.

How easy is it to see the deleted WhatsApp message? Now you know how to see and read any deleted Whatsapp messages.

This way, you no longer need to be confused and curious if there is a message has been deleted. Good luck!

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