The Apple Watch 6’s Oxygen Level Meter is Useless

The Apple Watch 6's Oxygen Level Meter is Useless

Recently, the function of measuring blood oxygen levels (Oximeter) has become popular among wearable devices. No doubt, Apple has adopted this feature in its newest watch, the Apple Watch 6.

Instead of getting appreciation. Apple’s move in presenting this feature turned out to be scornful. One Washington Post reporter found the oximeter feature on the Apple Watch 6 “useless”.

Fowler reports that wearable device readings run into conflict when using blood oxygen measurement apps. These findings emerged after he conducted a trial for several days compared to official measuring instruments that have been approved by the FDA.

“Over several days comparing my second Apple Watch measurement to FDA-approved finger gauges, Apple’s reading most often differs by two or three percentage points. though sometimes it’s the same, and sometimes it’s seven percentage points lower.” says the report.

He also mentioned that some issues might be related to the Solo Loop rope. As you know, Solo Loop has a variety of sizes to choose from.

Reducing the size is said to eliminate some possible deviations in the measurement results. However, this will leave a mark on the user’s arm, as it is too tight.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch 6 Series is said to be unsuitable for measuring oxygen levels or monitoring lung health. Any resulting value is likely to be a deviation from the real deal, where according to Fowler there is a deviation of between 3% and 7%.

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Even so, Apple Watch 6 is not necessarily bad. The reason is, smartwatches are designed to support user activity, not as a special medical device. So, many other considerations can be taken.

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