Synology Data Center Expansion to North America

Synology announced the launch of a new data center in Seattle for the Synology C2 cloud backup service. This data center is the second location that offers C2 services, while the first location is located in Frankfurt.

This expansion expands the range of Synology C2 services to the American and Asian markets.

Hewitt Lee, Director of the Synology Product Management Group, said, “Improving local data security with cloud-based backups is a growing trend among private and business users.”

“The new data center in Seattle allows us to provide more efficient local experiences to users in America and Asia,” he added.

Synology C2 is designed to provide a safe way for users of Synology products to backup data in the cloud. C2 users now have the option to save their data in Frankfurt or Seattle, where each location complies with local laws and regulations.


Jia-Yu Liu, Vice President and Head of the Application Group at Synology, claims, over the past two years, Synology C2 has grown exponentially throughout the world.

“The addition of a new data center will enable users to protect data while at the same time more easily meeting security regulations and policies related to data storage,” said Jia-Yu Liu.

Synology C2 offers two data backup packages for users:

Package I targets important backup needs:

  • Application of the automatic version, save up to 11 versions, return 30 days
  • Versioning does not count towards data usage
  • Flexible package options with 100 GB, 300 GB and 1 TB storage capacity

Package II provides comprehensive data protection capabilities:

  • Flexible backup and storage rotation policy
  • Data deduplication to optimize storage usage
  • Storage capacity ≥1 TB
  • Synology C2 Backup offers a free 30-day trial package for new customers.

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