Sony WF-SP800N, The Best Headphones For Sports Activities

Sony WF-SP800N

Listening to music while exercising such as running, is believed to be able to burn enthusiasm, and to sustain listening to music, needed the right headphones for these activities.

Seeing that need, Sony introduced the WF-SP800N sport, this accessory is designed for any activity, especially for running fans.

Kazuteru Makiyama, President Director of PT Sony Indonesia, revealed that these headphones were able to enhance the experience of listening to music while running because it is equipped with components that are not easily separated, IP55 assessment for resistance to water and dust, and long battery power.

“With the perfect combination of noise-canceling and sweat-resistant technology, these headphones can help sports activists, including athletes, stay focused on their goals. The WF-SP800N can increase users’ motivation even further, while on trail running or just exercising at home” said Kazuteru Makiyama.

Not only that, according to Kazuteru Makiyama, these headphones are also equipped with soft-cushioned arc supporters and a three-dimensional arch design that fits the user’s ears and is said to be quite comfortable when used. What’s more, users can wash this audio device after doing strenuous sports activities.

The WF-SP800N headphones have a compact and easy-to-carry charger case. When fully charged, this box is capable of charging enough headphone batteries to play music for up to 18 hours with noise-canceling mode and up to 26 hours without that mode.

When in a hurry, fast charging for 10 minutes can provide music playback time of up to 60 minutes.

Sony WF-SP800N

Not only that, but the WF-SP800N headphones also have the latest noise-canceling technology that can reduce outside disturbances, such as street noise or barbells in the gym. Extra Bass technology provides a powerful low-end sound that can support users when working or exercising.

The following other features are embedded in the Sony WF-SP800N

• 360 Reality Audio Compatibility

360 Reality Audio technology offers a music experience that is as real as a live concert that can be adjusted and optimized for each user when using the Sony application Headphones Connect.

• Smart Features

Smart Listening in Any Environment: Adaptive Sound Control Technology can automatically adjust ambient sound settings to align with its user environment to produce the best music listening experience. Ambient Sound Mode also allows its users to control the incoming sound which can be adjusted via the companion application “Sony | Headphones Connect “ from level 0 to level 20.

• Control Technology

Smart control technology allows users to start, stop or skip songs, and adjust the volume by simply placing a finger on the right earbud and lowering the music volume by placing a finger on the left earbud. Also, the Quick Attention feature can immediately decrease the volume and allow users to listen to surrounding sounds, so they can chat without having to remove the earbud.

• Usage Detection

Thanks to usage detection technology, users won’t just skip music, because this technology can automatically detect when an earbud is released. Music can stop immediately when one earbud is released and will restart when the earbud is worn again.

• Voice Assistant

By using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, users can easily manage their days, such as enjoying entertainment, connecting with friends, getting information, listening to music and notifications, setting reminders, and much more.

The WF-SP800N headphones will soon be available for $179 and will be pre-ordered from July 14 to August 2, 2020, at Sony Indonesia’s official store, both online and offline.

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