Recognize What Is Pedophile, Their Characteristics and Treatment

Recognize What Is Pedophile, Their Characteristics and Treatment

Pedophile is a term that refers to a person who suffers from sexual disorders in the form of sexual desire for children or adolescents under the age of 14. Most pedophiles are men, but women can also experience this sexual disorder.

This form of pedophile sexual deviation is called pedophilia. This deviation is part of the sexual disorder paraphilia.

Paraphilia itself is a deviant sexual fantasy, urge, or desire that involves objects, activities, or situations that most people do not cause sexual arousal.

Pedophile Behavior

Pedophile behavior generally starts in adolescence or young adulthood. Perpetrators typically have sexual fantasies and urge towards children under the age of 14.

To be called pedophilia, this disorder must occur for at least 6 months. Generally, victims of pedophiles are children they know, for example, children of neighbors or children of relatives.

Pedophilia is different from sexual violence against children. Pedophiles do have a sexual attraction towards children, but this condition does not make them always want to force sexual contact.

Pedophiles will generally approach a child by giving a gift or attention by taking him out for a walk. After that, then pedophiles will continue with intimate conversation and sexual touch.

At this stage, the child usually feels close to the pedophile, so they feel uncomfortable or even afraid to refuse.

Children who are lonely, depressed, or receive inadequate attention from their parents are the group of children most susceptible to particular attention from these pedophiles.

Although most pedophiles do not enforce sexual contact, their behavior can still harm the mental health of their victims. Children who are victims of pedophiles will usually feel isolated, frustrated, experience anxiety disorders, and even become depressed.

Pedophile Characteristics

To protect your child from pedophiles, you need to know the pedophile features first. Here are some of them:

  • Often familiarize oneself with children
  • Often give gifts or take children for walks
  • Often look for reasons to be alone with victims
  • Often watch child pornographic content
  • Enjoy seeing and paying attention to children they like
  • A tendency to want to touch children’s arms, usually starting with members body that is not private, such as embracing
  • Rarely socializing and preferring to be alone
  • Can admit and feel guilty for sexual desire in children
  • Can have drug abuse problems
  • Causes someone to be pedophile

Until now, the cause of someone becoming a pedophile is not certain. Some studies say that this disorder can be obtained from the family. However, it is unclear whether this is due to genetic factors or inherited behavior patterns.

Also, several things can increase a person’s risk of becoming a pedophile, including:

  • Have experienced sexual abuse in childhood.
  • Have had a head injury in childhood.
  • Have a brain disorder.

Treatment for Pedophiles

Treatment for pedophiles is usually aimed at helping the pedophile individual to be able to manage his feelings and interests in young children. That way, the pedophile individual is expected to refrain from continuing his feelings into sexual activity.

The following are some of the treatments that can be done to treat pedophile individuals:

1. Cognitive-behavioral therapy

This is talk therapy that is done to modify the thoughts and feelings of a pedophile towards children. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is generally carried out by increasing the pedophile’s empathy for child victims of sexual violence so that he is not motivated to take the same action.

Through this therapy, a pedophile will also be trained to anticipate situations that can increase the risk of sexual abuse against children and how to avoid or divert their sexual desires with something more positive.

2. Drugs

In addition to psychotherapy, psychiatrists may also prescribe drugs, such as medroxyprogesterone acetate and leuprolide acetate. This treatment is done to suppress the production of the hormone testosterone so that the pedophile’s sexual desire can decrease.

Treatment for a pedophile is usually done over a long period of time. Its success also depends on the person himself. The best results can be obtained if pedophile sufferers voluntarily and seriously undergo the entire range of care and treatment given to them.

While most pedophile acts are terrible and unacceptable, remember that there are pedophiles who feel frustrated by their inner feelings. He knew this was wrong, but had difficulty holding it in.

Therefore, if you know someone who has pedophile characteristics or maybe you feel annoyed by experiencing attraction to young children, don’t hesitate to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist for proper treatment.

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