Realme C15 vs Vivo Y15: Entry-level Smartphone Comparison

 Realme C15 vs Vivo Y15: Comparison 

Indonesia’s smartphone market is bustling with various price segments. One of them, which is a fairly intense Realme presents a new smartphone in various price ranges.

The latest variant, for example, is the Realme C15  which is in the entry-level segment of USD 139.

The smart device comes as a pioneer entry-level smartphone. You could say in line with the Vivo Y15 which is also in the USD 139 price segment.

Amid such a situation, Realme tries to package the C15  with several specifications and essential features that are inherent to current needs.

So how is the difference between Realme C15 vs Vivo Y15?


Almost all smartphones support user needs, especially for daily activities. the Realme C15 comes with a 6000mAh mega battery and 18W Quick Charge to support longer smartphone usage times.

The C Series device also offers a smartphone design today, making it a smartphone with a pretty stylish design. Not only that, but Realme C15 is also supported by a Quad Camera, the first time in the C Series.

Meanwhile, the Vivo Y15 carries a large battery, AI Triple Camera, and Ultra All Screen to accompany the user’s daily activities.

Reality C15 vs Vivo Y15

1. The bigger battery on Realme C15

A smartphone battery is very influential in usage. The larger will support a longer usage time.

Realme C15 realm with a 6000mAh Mega Battery, which is claimed to be able to offer Non-stop performance.

Meanwhile, differing slightly from realme, Vivo includes a 5000 mAh battery on the Vivo Y15 to support all smartphone activities.

2. 18W Quick Charge in Realme C15 Box

The majority of smartphone vendors sell separately their fast charging. However, it is different for Realme which chose to include 18W Quick Charge in C15 sales box. This is also the first time for the C Series realme lineup.

Unfortunately, the Vivo Y15 is only equipped with an ordinary charger adapter, which is capable of delivering 10W (5V.2A) power.

3. Jelly Case in the Vivo Y15 Box

In one sales box, usually equipped with a jelly case as additional protection for smartphones. Vivo Y15 has brought it, making the body Vivo Y15 can be well protected, especially from fingerprints.

Meanwhile, Realme C15 doesn’t carry a jelly case in the box. Users must buy it separately. However, on the other hand, the body of C15  adopts a textured design that doesn’t need to worry about fingerprint marks and isn’t slippery when held.

Another thing, Realme has put a scratch-resistant coating on the screen which is equipped with 3rd generation Gorilla Glass.

4. Realme C15 Bring a Quad Camera

The camera becomes one of the important specifications for a smartphone. Especially, you guys are fond of photography. and Realme C15 became the first C Series to carry a configuration of four cameras at once.

It’s composed of the 13-megapixel main camera, 8-megapixel ultrawide, and two effects lenses in the form of B&W and Retro, each of which has a resolution of 2 megapixels.

Reality C15 vs Vivo Y15

Meanwhile, the Vivo Y15 only carries a three-camera configuration composed of 13 megapixel main cameras, 8-megapixel ultrawide lenses, and 2-megapixel depth sensors.

Interestingly, the difference in the number of cameras of the two smartphones also affects the design and composition.

Realme C15 has adopted a contemporary design, similar to a high-end smartphone. For the Vivo Y15 camera, it is still arranged vertically like most other smartphones.

5. Realme C15 Larger Screen

Bringing together bangs on the screen, Realme and Vivo choose different screen sizes. The first Vivo Y15 featured a 6.3 inch IPS panel.

Reality C15 vs Vivo Y15 Display

Meanwhile, Realme = C15 brings a larger screen, an area of ​​6.5 inches with a mini drop design that is claimed to be 30% smaller than its predecessor.

6. Vivo Y15 Larger Front Camera

The high resolution of the camera becomes one of the benchmarks of the quality of the camera, although it doesn’t fully determine that.

One step ahead, the Vivo Y15 carries a 16-megapixel front camera lens to support the user’s selfie needs. Meanwhile, it differs slightly from the Vivo, Realme C15  carries an 8-megapixel selfie camera.

7. Latest Realme C15 processor

The processor determines the performance of a smartphone. It also determines the position of the smartphone, for example, suitable for gaming or as a daily device.

Interestingly, Realme and Vivo choose processors with different concepts. Realme c15 relies on the newest and best gaming processor in its class, the Helio G35.

Whereas the Vivo Y15 carries the Helio P22 processor, emphasizing performance.

8. Variants of C15 RAM realism are more diverse

C15 realme arrived in Indonesia with three variants of RAM. Users are given the freedom to choose RAM starting from 3GB / 64GB, 4GB / 64GB / and 4GB / 128GB. Realme also provides its slot for adding memory with a MicroSD card up to 256GB.

Different from Realme, Vivo specifically only released one RAM option, which is 4GB / 64GB.

9. The price of Realme C15 is more affordable

Realme and Vivo together present entry-level smartphones. However, the two smartphone vendors offer different prices.

For example, Realme, which chose to present three RAM options for C15 which also with three price options. Starting from 3GB / 64GB RAM, which sold USD 129, 4GB / 64GB for USD 139 and 4GB / 128GB for USD 179

On the other hand, the Vivo Y15 sells for USD 179 with 4GB / 64GB of RAM, which is equivalent to the price of C15 which carries 4 / 128GB RAM.

10. Realme C15 Operating System is newer

Released first, the Vivo Y15 still runs Android 9 layered with FunTouch OS as the display interface of a smartphone. Even so, the device already supports the equivalent of Android 10 features, namely dark mode.

Meanwhile, Realme C15, which was just launched on Tuesday (28/7), has already run the Android 10 operating system with updated features that are layered by the UI realm interface system.


Based on the results of Realme C15 vs Vivo Y15, these two smartphones in the USD 139 price segment offer different specifications with different types of chipset. Realme C15 is superior in the battery sector, not only large but equipped with 18W Quick Charge.

Even in the lowest memory variant, 3GB + 64GB with prices under USD 139 are equipped with 18W Quick Charge in the box. On the other side, Vivo Y15 excels in terms of selfie camera, AI Beauty, and jelly case in the box.

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