Now You Can Pay with ShopeePay at McDonald’s

Using ShopeePay at McDonald's

Entering the era of new habits, ShopeePay cooperates with McDonald’s to support the application of non-cash transactions that are easy, safe, and efficient in all restaurants.

Cindy Candiawan, ShopeePay Marketing Manager explained that ShopeePay always strives to support the implementation of non-cash transactions, especially in the current situation by collaborating with several strategic partners to expand the reach of using ShopeePay in Indonesia.

“We are pleased to be working with McDonald’s Indonesia to be able to optimally provide wider access to the needs of the Indonesian people.”

Cindy claimed the high enthusiasm of users by selling out 15,000 McDonald’s vouchers in 15 minutes on ShopeePay Day.

ShopeePay collaborates with McDonald’s Indonesia to present non-cash payment methods at more than 200 McDonald’s restaurants throughout Indonesia through the QR Scan feature, with attractive offers in the form of Cashback 25% to Rp. 25,000, with a minimum transaction of Rp. 50,000 for people who make dine-in or drive-thru.

ShopeePay at McDonald's

Yanti Lawidjaja, McDonald & Indonesia’s Finance & IT Director welcomed the collaboration with ShopeePay, especially in responding to the extended PSBB transition period.

“In addition to being able to continue to meet the food needs of the Indonesian people, we are also working to expand the reach of non-cash transactions throughout our restaurants, in line with the implementation of the COVID-19 health protocol,” Yanti said.

“We hope, through this collaboration, we can always support the implementation of digital transactions following Bank Indonesia’s recommendations for access to the needs of the Indonesian people for McDonald’s products in the era of adaptation to new habits at this time,” concluded Cindy

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