Now Google Assistant Can Send Voice Messages

Now Google Assistant Can Send Voice Messages

 Google Assistant Can Send Voice Messages 

Previously, Google made an update to the Google Assistant, to recognize a voice, this feature was called Voice Match.

Now, Google Assistant comes with new features. Neowin reported Google Assistant can currently help users send audio messages quickly.

This feature will be very useful for those who are lazy to type messages. Using the Google Assistant, users can record their voice and send them to the intended person.

According to Google, today’s voicemail is like a walkie-talkie and is the easiest way to text friends or family.

This update allows the Google Assistant to transcribe spoken messages into text. However, unfortunately, there is a possibility that the recipient may not read the message correctly or it’s not appropriate, so it would be better served with a spoken message, in your own clear voice.

Your virtual assistant can do this with a simple command “Hey Google, send an audio message”. This can make sending short messages easier but you don’t have to lift your finger to type.

Google Assistant will immediately ask who the message will be sent to, and then Google will record the user’s voice.

Alternatively, users can immediately say the name of the intended contact and then say the message they want to send.

For now Google Assistant new audio messaging is rolling out globally, especially for English speaking countries.

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