New Xiaomi Smartphone Scattering on the Internet

New Xiaomi Smartphone Rumour Scattering on the Internet

 New Xiaomi Smartphone 

Xiaomi reportedly is preparing to release a new smartphone. Reportedly, the new device will be present from the ranks of the Mi Series, as reported by Gizmochina, Tuesday (4/8).

The report was obtained after the circulation of images showing a smartphone accompanied by a protective case. It is estimated that as the upcoming Xiaomi smartphone.

However, the name of the smartphone is still unknown, but some images have revealed the main features brought. Starting with the display screen that carries a hole in the screen as a home for the front camera.

Also, it looks like a smartphone will carry a fingerprint sensor on the side. This also hints at being a middle-class smartphone.

New Xiaomi Smartphone

The reason is that most mid-range phones now carry a fingerprint scanner on the side, which is likely to carry an LCD screen panel instead of an OLED.

The fingerprint sensor itself also functions as a power button. It was close to the volume control button on the top.

Unfortunately, not many smartphone details have been revealed yet. It is estimated that the new smartphone can be the upcoming Redmi K40 or from the Xiaomi CC Series range.

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