New Xbox Price is Cheaper than PS5

Xbox Price is Cheaper than PS5

Recent reports say the price of the Xbox Series X (XSX) will be cheaper than the price of Sony on the PlayStation 5.

That can happen because Microsoft is still waiting for Sony to announce the price of the PS5, as Roberto Serrano, a popular leaker, was quoted as saying by Gizchina on Thursday (9/7).

This was also reinforced by a leak that said that the official release of Sony PS5 occurred in Japan on November 14, while the new Xbox arrived on November 19.

On the other hand, Robert argues that Microsoft needs to know the price of the PS5 first so that it can determine the benefits of the Xbox price later. He believes that the Xbox One previously sold less than half of the PS4, and the important reason is that the price is quite far adrift.

PS5 VS Xbox

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In comparison, the regular version of the PS5 is expected to sell for $399 while the digital version will sell for $499. Meanwhile, for the Xbox Series X, will have an initial price of $449, equivalent to the price of the digital version of the PS5.

According to previous reports, XSX will be $100 cheaper than PS5 later.

However, so far there hasn’t been any confirmation from either party. Even so, didn’t rule out Microsoft will sell Xbox cheaper, as many fans expected.

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