Long-lasting Sex With These 5 Safe Techniques

Long-lasting Sex With These 5 Safe Techniques - CloverLeo

Long-lasting Sex with safe techniques for married couples is an important activity in maintaining health and even believed to prolong life. However, sometimes problems can arise that make the husband unable to have long-lasting sex with his wife.

Many factors can be the reason a husband cannot have long-lasting sex, also known as premature ejaculation. Among other things because of emotional conditions, such as stress, depression, and anxiety experienced by the husband. Besides, it can also be caused by other problems such as erectile dysfunction.

Safe Techniques for Long-lasting Sex

There are various techniques you can do to prevent your husband from experiencing premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse. The following ways can help control ejaculation, so it is not too fast:

Stop when you want to ejaculate

Husbands can stop for about thirty seconds when they feel they are going to ejaculate, then resume penetration when the sensation to ejaculate diminishes. This technique can be repeated several times during sexual intercourse to increase the duration of intercourse.

Pressing on the head of the penis when you want to ejaculate

The second technique is to press on the head of the penis when you feel like ejaculating until you lose your erection. Repeat this several times before ejaculating.

Both of these techniques are considered effective in helping men to be able to have long-lasting sex. However, if these efforts do not provide satisfactory results, it may require medical treatment from a doctor.

Ways to Support Stamina for Men

Besides doing the two techniques above, several steps can support stamina during sexual intercourse, which are:

Adopting a healthy lifestyle

Running a healthy lifestyle is very good at supporting stamina when having sex. These changes can be made by quitting smoking, maintaining body weight, and exercising regularly.

Do Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are easy to do and useful in strengthening the pelvic muscles. Although there is no clear research, the benefits of Kegel exercises in men are considered to improve sexual performance.

Increase zinc intake

You can get zinc from a variety of foods that are rich in essential minerals, such as oysters, meat, and cereals. Zinc is very good at preventing sexual dysfunction and decreasing testosterone levels. Balance with another nutritional intake.

Consumption of strong drugs for men that are widely sold in the market, including pharmacies, should not be consumed carelessly. It is advisable to consult your doctor first if you want to take long-lasting sex drugs because they can cause various dangerous side effects if not used properly.

Also, one of the factors that affect long-lasting sex is a psychological factor. You may need to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist to deal with stress or anxiety, as well as other psychological problems that interfere with sexual ability. Establish good communication between partners for mutual sexual harmony and satisfaction.

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