Line Will Hold Free Developer Day 2020

The line will again hold its own technology conference, Line Developer Day 2020 which will be held for 3 (three) days from 25-27 November 2020.

Line Developer Day 2020 official site:

Line Developer Day 2020

Since 2015, Line Developer Day has become a place for Line to gather developers and present various projects and challenges that are different in each technical area of ​​Line’s range of services.

Reflecting on last year’s Line Developer Day, the conference was a mix of sessions focused on technology-themed “Engineering”. Besides, last year’s event also offered practical perspectives for product development with the theme of “Production” on topics such as web service technology, UI / UX, and product management.

Line Developer Days 2020

Furthermore, visitors can participate directly in hands-on sessions such as trying to code using OSS from Line, API, and other technologies. They can also visit various booths and interesting poster sessions which can be used to find out more about Line services.

The first online conference, a record stream of more than 150 different content for three consecutive days.

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Line Developer Day will provide all its sessions in just three days. The event will begin with a keynote speech from CTO Line Euvin Park who will present the company’s strategy and vision, explaining technology initiatives as a response to changes in the social environment around Line.

Various presentations and panel discussions will also feature similar themes, focusing on knowledge and challenges found in areas such as AI, data, financial technology, infrastructure, server-side, and front-end technology.

On the other hand, around 30 guest speakers from Japan and other countries will present and moderate several panel discussions, making the Line Developer Day 2020 conference the largest in history as it features more than 150 different streaming content.

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