Line Today Comes With Three New Features

Line Today

Line Today comes with three new features. The latest features include News Story, Share Comment, and Dark Mode.

Fauzan Helmi Sudaryanto, Product Manager of Line Indonesia explained, three new features in the Line Today application update, in response to the wishes of users who expect comfort in using or enjoying the Line Today application on a daily basis.

“Comes with a more concise news presentation, the need for space for discussion, and the level of user comfort in a low-light room,” explained Fauzan

Updates to the Line Today application, as explained, can make users more comfortable when using this application and improve their experience in reading news for the better.

Line Today News

Here are the Three Latest Features of Line Today:

1. News Story feature

The News Story feature comes with 4-time variants, which are divided into Morning News, Daylight News, Afternoon News, and Evening News. This feature comes in an interactive Story display complete with comments from readers that can provide information about public opinion on particular news.

2. Share Comment feature

In addition to News Story, the Line Today also provides a new experience for users by supporting the Share Comment feature. This feature allows users to share comments to the realm of social media so that it can provide a new space for opinion and discussion and get another perspective when reading news.

One example is the function of sharing comments on Instagram Story. Through this function, more users can see a picture of public opinion on particular news. Not only that, through this feature, the public space to discuss and give opinions on news has also become more wide open.

3. Dark Mode Feature

The Dark Mode feature comes as an answer to the needs of Line Today users who want to be more comfortable in using this application when in a low-light room. With lower lighting levels, Dark Mode can also reduce eye strain when using the apps.

Activating Dark Mode in Line Today apps is easy-peasy, users can simply go to Settings in the apps, then click on Themes, and choose Dark mode.

For the convenience of its users, the Line Today also comes with a size of 4 MB for the Android version and with a varied size for the iOS version. With this lightweight size, the apps can run faster compared to other applications and users don’t have to worry about their device running out of memory.

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