Lenovo Becomes Aston Martin’s Official Workstation Partner

Aston Martin Official Workstation

Steve O’Connor, IT Director at Aston Martin, said that car manufacturers can’t design or build a car without a workstation and said Lenovo’s workstation portfolio enables companies to configure existing machines.

The continuous transition from virtual to reality and vice versa is part of Aston Martin’s DNA.

The design team at Aston Martin uses a Lenovo workstation supported by the NVIDIA Quadro GPU to integrate the physical and digital sides of the design.

“When teams compare clay sculpting with digital sketches or move milled models with models that have been rendered, the power and performance of Lenovo’s workstations have been proven to meet their designs,” Steve said.

Rob Herman, General Manager, Workstation and Client AI Business Unit, Lenovo added, ThinkPad P Series mobile workstations that offer capabilities that can open large design files and ensure the design process runs smoothly. This allows Aston Martin to bring their designs into real and real-time

Lenovo Becomes Aston Martin's Official Workstation Partner.

“Leveraging the power of NVIDIA Quadro’s professional graphics in mobile form factors, Lenovo’s mobile workstations offer Aston Martin the ability to enhance workflow design, design, and visualization without limits.”

Aston Martin needs partners who can provide an exceptional experience, both from technical hardware and work relationship perspective. The company uses a lot of different software from companies like Adobe and Autodesk.

“Lenovo Performance Tuner allows us to easily change profiles and adapt to applications used by designers and engineers,” Steve continued.

For Lenovo, using the power and reliability of its workstations and NVIDIA graphics professionals, graphic designers, engineers, modelers, and others at Aston Martin can create perfection.

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