Jessie and James Present at Pokemon Go

Jessie and James Present at Pokemon Go

The latest update came back to Pokemon Go, through its official Twitter account @PokemonGoApp reporting that they present an iconic villain duo from the animated series.

Radar Games reported the iconic villain duo named Jessie and James who reportedly appeared in the Rocket Team event. The Rocket Team event is a limited game feature presented by Pokemon Go until July 15, 2020.

Of course, the presence of this criminal duo is good news, considering that these two characters are well-known antagonists in the animation series, and are not always present in the game.

Through this feature, players can fight one of the iconic duo, between Jessie and Ekans’ pokemon, or James and Koffing’s pokemon.

Jessie and James can’t be found all the time. They will only appear once every six hours using Meowth Balloon. Even so, if you manage to defeat one of them, you can add their Pokemon shadow in your collection.

Also, to celebrate the arrival of this criminal duo, the developers have presented their costumes which can be owned free of charge through the in-game equipment store.

Jennie and James Pokemon GO

Previously as a developer, Niantic chose to do some modifications to the Pokemon Go. This is in response to the spread of the Coronavirus, as well as to prevent their players from contracting the virus when leaving the house while looking for Pokemon.

Some new modifications are presented, for example, there will be an increase in the number of Pokemon habitats. That is, players can find more Pokemon around it, without the need to search again. However, to a certain extent.

In addition, players can also hatch Pokemon eggs up to two times faster. This is somewhat advantageous, because before the player needs to walk a few steps just to hatch the eggs.

On the other hand, Niantic also offers discounts for Incense packages up to 99% and will last up to 1 hour when activated. Unfortunately, all the modifications were temporary. This is because it’s only in the form of adjustments to the current global health situation.

This means that Pokemon games can pull in a series of adjustments if the situation returns to normal.

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