iPhone 12 Supported Fast Charging 20W?

iPhone 12 Supported Fast Charging 20W

Recently revealed the concept of the iPhone 12 with Navy Blue color variants. Although it’s only the concept, the image can show you what the iPhone design looks like.

This design will look like the previous iPad Pro and iPhone, like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. This isn’t the first concept design related to the iPhone 12. Reportedly, the concept design of this mobile phone was circulated last month.

News hasn’t subsided about the concept of the iPhone 12, and now there is a rumor that the iPhone 12 will be supported a fast-charging 20W. Forbes reported the new flagship will be equipped with a 20W adapter.

The leak also mentions iPhone 12 is also armed with a new 5G modem that supports all frequency bands.

Iphone 12

This is certainly an increase in charging from the previous iPhone. It’s known, iPhone 2007 is equipped with a 5W charger. Since then, not much can boost the charging technology on the iPhone, until the birth of iPhone 11 Pro.

iPhone 11 Pro is the first model to include an 18W charger adapter. For the first time, this is also a USB-C adapter. That is why the USB-C cable is also included in the box packaging sent to the consumer.

However, this only applies to the iPhone 11 Pro. Because the regular iPhone 11 is still equipped with a classic 5W adapter.

Apple will complete the second phase of the Engineering Validation and Testing (EVT) phase for the upcoming iPhone 12 line at the end of June 2020. And according to a report from DigiTimes, the company led by Tim Cook will begin production of the latest generation iPhone in July.

And it’s mentioned that Apple will release no less than four models for the iPhone 12 which is planned to be launched this fall.

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