iOS 14 Supports Payments via QR Code Scan

iOS 14 Supports Payments via QR Code Scan

Apple has announced a developer beta new operating system, iOS 14, at the opening of the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) online on June 22nd.

In addition to bringing several new features, Apple’s iOS 14 update allows users to make cashless payments. Owners of iOS 14-based devices can pay by scanning a QR code using Apple Pay.

The Verge reported, this method became an alternative for users in using the company’s digital payment platform.

However, several sources found this reference from a feature that has not been announced on iOS 14 the latest developer beta version. The page says it can’t make that feature work.

But they found an image that seemed to give users instructions on how to use the new feature.

iOS 14 Supports Payments via QR Code

They also found codes for features in the public system API, which can indicate third-party applications can also allow users to scan QR codes to make purchases using Apple’s digital payment platform.

iOS 14 brings several updates, ranging from UI appearance to some new features. For example, the App Library that now appears different. Also, the application drawer functionality also makes it easier for users.

So far, Apple has just released a beta version of iOS 14. Reportedly, the final version will be released near the end of the year, around September to November. However, now some iPhone devices can try the iOS 14 beta.

iOS 14 is still only available as a beta developer. Apple will gradually make improvements and change features in the software that will come until it is released to the public

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