Intuition, Should You Believe It or Not?


Intuition is often used by some people to make decisions, and sometimes it can bring the desired results. Intuition is often felt as a feeling or suspicion that something doesn’t feel right. Actually, what is intuition and should we believe it?

Intuition is an idea or ideas that exist based on instinct without involving logical thoughts or considerations. When intuition is present, one can get an idea, even if it is not clear where it came from.

Intuition can come in the form of hunches or feelings that are often mistaken for imagination. Therefore, some people do not believe it and ignore it.

However, sometimes some regrets arise when this intuition is ignored, such as continuing to do things that were previously hesitant to do and the results were disappointing. In fact, he already had the intuition that it would end badly.

Where Does Intuition Come From and Is It Reliable?

Some psychologists argue that the emergence of intuition in a person’s mind involves various information or past experiences that are controlled by the subconscious.

Everyone’s intuition can be different, depending on the way of thinking and life experiences that have been through. The more life experiences, usually the stronger the intuition.

Experience makes the subconscious mind more quickly find suitable patterns to help you make choices. However, keep in mind also that intuition can be right, but it can also be wrong.

Therefore, if you feel that you cannot solve a problem, you still need to consult or ask for the opinion of other people who are considered more skilled in providing input regarding the problem.

Various Ways to Train Your Intuition

As explained earlier, intuition can help you make decisions or provide an idea that there is something that needs further investigation. However, not everyone can have good and sensitive intuition.

If you feel your intuition is not sharp enough, there are several things you can do to train your intuition, including:

1. Doing meditation

Meditation can calm your thoughts and emotions, which can help you think more clearly. If done properly and correctly, meditation can even bring you into the subconscious. This can be one way to train your intuition to be better.

2. Write a journal

When writing, you will be trained to think clearly, critically, and be sensitive to feelings or things you want to express. This will make your thoughts and thought processes sharper and your intuition will improve.

You can write down everything that you experience and feel in a journal or diary. This can help you get into the emotions and things that come to mind every day.

3. Imagination Training

Close your eyes and imagine whatever you want. This creative visualization is considered to be able to open positive energy and can be used to increase your intuition. When trying this method, try to relax more and adjust your breathing.

4. Take time to be alone

If you want to practice your intuition more deeply, choose a time and place where you can quietly be alone. Calmness is believed to be able to strengthen your intuition.

You can do some of the methods above to strengthen your intuition. Even though it looks complex, you can listen to the intuition and make it an inspiration, especially if you find it difficult to make a decision.

If you have questions about your intuition and how to practice it, you can consult a psychologist for further clarification.

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