Intel Delays 7nm Processors Until 2022

Intel Delays 7nm Processors Until 2022

Intel Delays 7nm Processors Until 2022

Companies like TSMC have pushed the limits by making chips using smaller processes. On the other hand, Intel, it still seems to struggle with it, because the company has announced during Q2 2020 revenue.

Reported from Ubergizmo (24/7), the launch of Intel’s 7nm CPU has been postponed until the end of 2022 or even early 2023. According to Intel According to Intel, “The company’s 7nm CPU-based product time has shifted by about six months compared to previous expectations.”

“The main driver is the result of Intel’s 7nm process, which is based on the latest data, now tends to be around twelve months behind the company’s internal targets.” the statement continued.

7nm Processors

Meanwhile, Bob Swan, BEO Intel revealed that they had identified a defective mode in the 7nm process that caused degradation problems.

As a result, Intel will turn to their contingency plans that use third-party foundry to assist the manufacturing process. This does not mean that the company’s CPU will be delayed.

However, instead of being built in the 7nm process, they will continue to use the 10nm process, as with the upcoming Tiger Lake and Alder Lake chips.

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