Instagram Caught Accessing the Camera on iOS 14

Instagram Caught Accessing the Camera on iOS 14

Instagram Caught Accessing the Camera on iOS 14

Apple is known to be testing iOS 14 beta. Interestingly, that tech giant company found Instagram which always accesses the device’s camera.

According to a report from Ubergizmo, Monday (7/27), Instagram is caught accessing the camera all the time, not only when users use the camera, but also when they browse feeds.

Responding to this, Instagram insists its application will only access the camera if the user activates it.

“We only access your camera when you tell us. For example, when you turn from Feed to camera.” the official Instagram statement said.

However, on iOS 14 the company claimed that it was a bug. The social media platform promises to fix it in a future update.

Instagram Accessing the Camera on iOS 14

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“We found and are fixing a bug in iOS 14 Beta which erroneously shows that some users use cameras, even though they aren’t. We don’t access your camera in that regard, and no recorded content,” said Instagram.

With the discovery of Instagram access, it also shows iOS 14 beta which brings a big increase in user privacy. The operating system will remind the user every time there is an application or something that is trying to access the device either through the camera, keyboard, or microphone.

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