How to Trace Fraud’s Phone Numbers in 2020 That You Must Know!

Have you ever been a victim of phone fraud? Surely annoying, right? Especially if you have to spend much money to fulfill the deception’s orders.

Admittedly, from year to year, cases of phone fraud are increasingly prevalent. Usually, the perpetrators disguise themselves as members of the victim’s family, E.g, younger siblings, parents, uncles, or aunts.

Some disguised themselves as individuals who claim that we won a certain amount of prizes, were accepted at work or presented promising online shopping promos.

Well, so that you don’t become the next victim, you have to understand and know how to trace the fraudster’s phone number. The goal is that you can be more careful and, perhaps, if you are already a victim of fraud, you can trace the name of the fraudster. Interested? Check out the guide below!

As times evolve, technology is increasingly updated. Not surprisingly, we aren’t only able to trace the phone numbers of strangers who enter our smartphones, but even fraudsters can be traced to their identities.

This is important, especially if you want to report fraud cases to the local police. You can facilitate the work of the authorities in finding and apprehending the perpetrators.

There are 2 ways you can track and find the number of fraudsters who do the action on you. Instead of lingering, consider the following review!

How to Trace Fraud’s Phone Numbers with the Getcontact Application

One way that can be done to find out the fraudulent phone number is to use the Getcontact application. Not only able to find out foreign numbers, but Getcontact also provides various features such as instant blocking, real-time caller identification, to spam protection.

Getcontact itself provides two choices of usage modes, “Premium” and “Free” users. However, if you just want to find out information about mysterious numbers, using a free user is enough.

For you who are interested in tracking number Mobile fraudsters with the most accurate and best phone number tracking app, consider the following guide!

Step 1: Download and install the Getcontact application on your smartphone.

Step 2: Open the Getcontact application. If you are using it for the first time, please approve the permission request requested by Getcontact.

Step 2 - Open the Getcontact application

Step 3: After successfully entering the main page, please find the number you want to know it’s identity by typing the number in the Search column.

Step 3 - Search The Number

However, there is an easier way. Go to the Phone menu on your phone, find the number of the fraudster who contacted you, then copy the number.

Go to the Phone menu on your phone

After that, return to the Getcontact application. Later a dialog box will appear that reads “Do you want to search for +62xxxxxx?” Choose OK.

Return to the Getcontact application

Step 4: After that, the name and status will appear as shown in the following picture.

The name and status will appear


You can also find out other names related to the fraudster’s number. The trick is simple, just press More Tags, and you will immediately see another name from the owner of the phone number.

Done! That’s the way to trace the phone number and the name of the fraudster. Also, guarantee that almost all cellphone numbers can be detected via the Getcontact app.

So what are you waiting for, immediately track the perpetrators of fraud using this application!

In addition, you can also use a variety of the best phone call recorder apps. With this application, you can record your conversations with fraudsters. This is very necessary when you report this case to the authorities.

Phone Fraud

Besides finding out the fraudulent HP number, there are also several sites on the internet and apps that offer steps to track the location of the fraudster. Well, is there any that is effective and proven successful?

Unfortunately, after I tried to tamper with all the sites and applications that claim to be able to trace the fraudster’s phone number, no one can tell in detail the location of other people’s phone numbers.

In fact, the site or app in question is getting a red notification from my security system, which indicates that they are not safe for use on a PC, laptop, or even your smartphone. So please be careful!

Well, that’s an easy way to find out and trace the phone number of fraudsters, whether it’s an online shopping fraud, cheap credit, to the usual fake mock accidents.¬†Good luck.

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