How to Hack Into Someone’s Wifi Using PC, Laptop, and Smartphone

 How to Hack Into Someone’s Wifi  

Need a guide on how to Hack into someone’s wifi and even your neighbors? if so, you should read this wifi hack trick.

WIFI is a wireless network that can connect you to the internet without having to use cables or internet data packages. No wonder, many people want to access this internet network.

Apart from being free of charge, the connection you get is also included in the stable category, but unfortunately, this network is less secure.

Then how to access a locked wifi network, here CloverLeo presents several ways to hack WiFi passwords that are locked by WPA or WPA2 security.

How to hack into someone’s Wifi On PC / Laptop

You can find various ways to hack someone WiFi that is locked with the WPA2 security system below here:

1. Wifi Hack Using Modem Router

ZTE Modem Router

Often online at a friend’s house but don’t know the password used on the wifi network, this is the tutorial on how to hack the wifi password:

An easy way to find out the wifi password is using a modem router, and this is how you do it:

  • Make sure you are connected to the target wifi network.
  • Then open your “browser”, type or then “Enter“.
  • Then “Login” usingUsername (admin / user)” and “Password (admin / user)“.
  • You will see the entire modem router menu or the term “Interface Setup”.
  • After that find and open the menu “Network > WLAN > Security”.
  • And then, please save the password listed in the password field.

2. Wifi Hack Using CMD (Command Prompt)

Wifi Hack Using CMD

The command prompt is a built-in Windows feature that has many uses, one of which we can use to check someone’s wifi password. This is how to break someone’s wifi passwords with cmd:

  • Make sure the wifi feature of your PC or laptop receiver is active.
  • Please open the command prompt feature on your PC or laptop first.
  • The trick is to press the “Windows + R” on the keyboard.
  • Then type “CMD” > press Enter.
  • Then type “netsh wlan show profiles” > press Enter again.
  • A list of active wifi will appear around your area.
  • To find the password, please type “netsh wlan show profiles [Wi-Fi name] key = clear”.
  • For example, “netsh wlan show profiles CloverLeoWifi key = clear” > then press Enter.
  • Wifi password is located on the “Key Content” menu, and you can save it.

3. Wifi Hack Using WireShark App

WireShark App

The Wireshark application is used to analyze and solve various network problems, but some people use this application to do pranks such as breaking wifi passwords.

This the easiest way to break WiFi passwords that are locked WPA or WPA2 using WireShark app:

  • First, download the “WireShark” application on your PC or laptop. (Some Network Cards may are not compatible with Wireshark software)
  • Please open the menu “Capture > Options > Interface“.
  • Then change the wireless interface to 802.11 client device.
  • And change the RF channel to record traffic on channel 1.
  • To do this, please open “Options> Wireless Settings“.
  • In the “Advance Wireless Settings” menu, the option to change channels will be displayed.
  • To hack wifi, open the “Capture” menu then click “Start”.
  • If the wifi password is visible, please open “Capture > Stop”.
  • Another technique, please press Ctrl + K (to open the Capture> Option menu).
  • Then activate the interface “Ethernet Card” and “Packets In Promiscuous Mode”.
  • Then click “Start”, if the wifi password is visible click “Stop”.

How to hack into someone’s Wifi On Smartphone

Not only on PC or Laptop that you can hack someone’s wifi, but you can also use your smartphone, and this is how to hack wifi on your smartphone:

1. WiFi Warden

The WiFi Warden App

This application has a feature to find or track wifi accurately, besides that this application is also very popular among millennials. Here it is, how to hack wifi password without root with Wifi Warden app:

  • First, download the WiFi Warden app here.
  • Then run the application on your smartphone.
  • Then click the option “Connect > Connect Using WPS > Calculate”.
  • Several PIN lists will appear, please click “Try One PIN”.
  • Wait a few moments until the process is complete.

2. WiFi Test

The Wifi Test App

If the first app isn’t successful, you can try the Wifi Test application which has the same function as the Wifi Warden. Here’s the easiest way to break wifi passwords use Wifi Test app:

  • First, download the WiFi Test application here.
  • Then open the app and press the option “Scan Wifi”.
  • Several active Wifi lists will appear, please select one.
  • Then select the option “Start” then wait until the process is complete.
  • If successful, a notification will appear “Wifi Test Connect Success”.

Best Wifi Hack & Breaking Apps

In addition to the two apps above, you can also use other following applications to hack someone’s wifi:

  • WiFi Password Recovery
  • WPS Connect
  • WiFi Password
  • WiFi Kill
  • WiFi Finder
  • WiFi WPS WPA Tester
  • Fing – Network Tools
  • WiFi Analyzer
  • Wifi Key Master
  • WiFi Inspect (Rooted Only)

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