How to Get Tiktok Followers Fast 2020

How to Get Tiktok Followers Fast 2020

 How to Get Tiktok Followers Fast 2020 

Get upset because Tiktok followers don’t add up? Even though every day you’re very active in making content on TikTok.

It’s not just you who have this problem! In fact, the Tiktok algorithm is more focused on the time-spending of its users. So don’t be surprised if the growth rate of your Tiktok followers is really slow!

As long as you know, having a lot of followers on the Tiktok account doesn’t come suddenly. You need to work hard and definitely make a headache because all Tiktok artists don’t want to reveal their secrets and strategies.

How to Get Tiktok Followers Fast 2020

You need extra effort to get Tiktok followers. Luckily, we’re going to tell you all secrets about How to Get Tiktok Followers Fast. So, let’s check it out!

1. Post Original Content

Post Original Content

Trust me! If you upload the same content as other Tiktok accounts, you will never get as many followers!

So, if you want to be popular on Tiktok and have a lot of followers, make the content as unique as possible. Whether it’s your fashion, your behavior, or even the actions you take.

Being consistent with your unique personality is enough to get a lot of followers.

Nowadays, there are lots of people making content lip-syncing or dancing with music on Tiktok. We think it’s okay if you want to do it.

The only problem is, this method is no longer effective in attracting viewer attention.


2. Regularly Post Content

Regularly Post Content To Get Tiktok Followers Fast

If this the problem, I think you already know the answer!

Yaps! How will people know you if you rarely upload content on Tik Tok? You don’t have to upload content every day. Most importantly, you have a schedule for uploading content regularly.

It could be, you upload content once every 2 days or even 2 times a week.

You see, when people start following you, they want to see your latest content. Then if you don’t update the content for 1 month, for example, it’s clear that you will lose Tiktok followers.

Even now, you don’t need to create your content. You can download other people’s content and then you upload it on your Tiktok account.


3. Use Popular Music

How to Get Tiktok Followers Fast By Using Popular Music

Tiktok is made based on music. This application gives you a music library with thousands of popular songs that are trending today.

Then, why don’t you use it? Maybe you like listening to songs by The Beatles or Metal. But unfortunately, those types of songs are not on Tiktok.

The most popular Tik Tok songs so far are pop and EDM types that are easy listening. Most of the songs have been used as Tiktok challenges.

It’s not just ordinary users who join in, a row of International artists are also plunging into this challenge!

Tiktok is more focused on trends. So, no matter what, you have to use the newest and most hit songs. If you run out of ideas, you can scroll through the “For You” section and see which songs are mostly used by other users.

Have you found one cool song? Don’t forget, first learn the song and make a suitable movement or action.


4. Skill Editing and Videography

Use Skill Editing and Videography To Get More Tiktok Followers

What tools do you usually use to shoot Tiktok videos? Cellphone or camera?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a cellphone or a camera, of course, you have to improve your photography and videography skills. So, you can shoot pro-quality videos when you know the basics of videography and photography.

Here’s how to make it simpler:

Before shooting a video, it is better to clear any distracting scenery around the shooting location. This means that you have to clean the room first until the room is pleasing to the eye or even eliminates noise.

You also have to lock the focus and exposure in the camera or cellphone settings. If not, your cellphone will adjust its focus by itself and even make the video result damaged and look amateurish.

After shooting, don’t upload it right away. Our advice is to do some editing first. Don’t worry, there are lots of video editing applications on your cellphone or even PC video editing software that you can choose according to your skills.

Polish as well as possible. The better and smoother the video quality, the more Tiktok followers will stick!


5. Duet or Collab with Artist

Duet or Collab with Artist To Get Tiktok Followers Fast

Don’t be surprised if there are so many brands or personalities who do this method to get Tiktok followers. You see, this duet or collabs is a very effective way to expand brand awareness or fanbase.

How it works, you can do a duet without having to meet in person. Continue, do the continuous movements that your partner does. Make it seem as if you met him directly.

It’s a bit difficult and takes practice to place or position the right. That’s why before the live shooting, you have to practice a few times.

Our advice is, do this duet with users whose followers are almost the same as you. The thing is, those who are already popular won’t want to collab with unequal users.

Now, if your Tiktok followers are getting more and more, you dare to go further by inviting partnerships with more followers.

Just so you know. Fan partners who fall in love with you will become loyal and loyal followers for you.


6. Schemes and Artist Techniques

Schemes and Artist Techniques

This is as important as other tips. It’s not uncommon and it can be said that Tiktok users often lose their ideas for making videos.

There are even those who make videos but no one sees them. Where does it hurt?

So instead of wasting time making video content that isn’t optimal, it’s better to do research first based on the most popular styles today. You can take the example of experts who already have a lot of followers.

What content has a lot of engagement? Make content that looks like that. Based on what we have researched, many videos have generated millions of likes because of their personality, style, style, or even their actions.

If necessary, record all the insights you get. Whether it’s because of effects, filters, or other elements. This insight will be able to make your video next level.

Confused looking for references of artists or experts on Tiktok? Just go to the For You section. Scroll and see all the videos that are top trending and have lots of likes.


7. Social Sharing

Use Social Sharing

You need to know. Social media users don’t just hang out on Tiktok! There are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and so on. Is that right?

Each user only has a portion of social media which is the center of their attention and focus. So your task is quite heavy, where you have to be able to reach all social media users, creating traffic to your Tiktok account.

The original strategy was really easy! You just have to share video content with all those social media. Give a tantalizing trailer so they will be interested to see you on Tiktok.

You can start with Instagram because this platform has almost the same characteristics as Tiktok. Or even if you need to share it on YouTube as well.

Don’t forget to always track this strategy. Which social media is effective and has super big traffic to your Tiktok account.

With this strategy, you can’t just increase Tiktok followers. But what’s more important is that your fan base will continue to grow.


8. Following’s Number

Tiktok Following Number

Almost the same as Instagram, Tiktok also has an algorithm that focuses on user-to-user relationships. This means that all elements including the number of following in your account have special considerations.

So do a follow-for-follow strategy like when you want to add Instagram followers. Now, when you follow an account, a notification will appear on their account.

Most likely, they will know who you are if you see your profile is really good. After that, they will stop by your account and see the content.

If they are interested, they will auto-follow back to you. Especially if the account is already popular. It could be that their followers will also point to you if they interact with you.

Maintain this good relationship so they can be your Collabs partner. If you have succeeded in becoming a partner, you know for yourself what effect it will have on you?


9. Hashtag dan Trends

Use Tiktok Hashtag and Trends to get more Followers

Not just Instagram and Twitter, Tiktok has also entered Hashtag as a tool for finding the most trending topics.

Like what we said earlier. You have to create the most unique content among any user. Follow some challenges with the most viral songs. [as long as you don’t do the Skull-breaker challenge]

Don’t forget, let your users know that you are also participating in this trend by adding a hashtag to your caption. If necessary, do a caption strategy on Instagram for your TikTok content.

So besides that user is interested in your video, the system can also reach them from the keywords you use in the caption and hashtag. Finally, combine them all with different contexts and topics.

If you have done all of this, don’t be surprised if there will be tons of followers who will land on your account.

Oh yeah, one more. The trend is always changing! So, keep on brainstorming so you can get ideas that run smoothly and don’t run out of ideas.


10. Upgrade Tools

Upgrade Your Tools To Make Tiktok Content

Are you aware or not if there are no Tiktok users who make videos in landfills or bedrooms that are super messy? Nobody makes videos in dim and low light environmental conditions, right?

That’s why there are so many Tiktok users who are serious about preparing pro tools and equipment for making videos. There is only one goal, they want the video to be worth it and look perfect.

Because your friends might just be busy, you can’t rely on them to always be there when you shoot videos. So an alternative that you can take is investing to buy a tripod.

You can also buy a set of lights or lighting so that your video is really clear and not blurry. The microphone matters if you focus on How-To videos.

Don’t forget, use a cellphone with the best selfie camera. If you already have enough budget, there’s nothing wrong with investing in buying a vlog camera.

The more pro tools you use, the better video results you will get!

Is it turns out simple to become a famous Tiktok artist? Now, you know How to Get Tiktok Followers Fast 2020, just follow the tricks and you will get tons of followers in no time, and you already have the opportunity to make money just by playing Tiktok.

So, this is the end, but don’t worry, there are still lots of things that we will share with you, just stay tuned at

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