How to do Tapping on Someone’s Phone and Hack it 2020

How to do Tapping on Someone's Phone and Hack it 2020

 How to do Tapping on Your Partner’s Phone 

The cool hackers on TV and the movies actually start from small things, one of which is the phone!

It’s not only useful for being a hacker, but this method is also very effective for those of you who suspect someone or even your partner is cheating on you..

Before that happens, you better anticipate it first. Moreover, you don’t need to have special skills in coding or whatsoever. Just using simple apps.

What are the apps and how do they work? Let’s check it out.

How to do Tapping and Spy on Someone’s Phone 2020

You need to know, some of the applications we mentioned are not available on the Play Store or App Store.

But, the function and role of this application have been proven in terms of quality, supported by a really good system!

And this How to do Tapping on Someone’s Phone and Hack it with just one simple app:

1. Thetruthspy

How to do Tapping With Thetruthspy

It’s no secret that the Thetruthspy application is the first option you should try to tap your partner’s phone. This app has super complete features, starting from tracking SMS, GPS, to Facebook and WhatsApp!

Just like other applications, you have to create an account first to start tapping the target phone. Here are the steps to use the Thetruthspy application:

  • Download Thetruthspy app and install it on the target phone
  • Create a new account by clicking the Register New Account option > Enter your email or email address and create a new password > click the Create New Account button
  • Click the Activate button on the Device Administrator page to activate this application
  • And your application is already active and ready to use

If it’s already active, you can monitor the target’s phone activity only via the official website of Thetruthspy. It’s really easy: just enter the email address and password for the account that you registered earlier.

Thetruthspy itself has 2 plans, which is Free and Premium / Gold. Thetruthspy features are as follows:


  • See Messages
  • Access to History GPS
  • Access to Call History
  • Tracking Auto Answer

Premium / Gold:

  • Access to WhatsApp
  • Opens Yahoo Messenger
  • Tracking chat on Line app

Even cool, you can also remove traces from the target! Just go to the Configuration menu > click Hide Icon Thetruthspy.

If you do that, the app will not appear in the app drawer of the target phone. Really cool right?

You can directly go to


2. SpyHuman

Spy Your Partner's Phone Using SpyHuman

Most users use this application only for tracking their location with GPS on the target phone. But now, this application has grown rapidly and provided many important and vital functions.

SpyHuman’s features until 2020 include:

  • Tracking all Call History data, whether it’s incoming calls or outgoing calls
  • Access to all SMS data whether it’s Inbox or Sent
  • Tracking location with GPS
  • Access to Mobile Contacts to find out all
  • Social media-controlling save numbers, especially to WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Access to Browser History
  • Blocking Go to certain websites and sites
  • See all data in the HP Gallery
  • Block some WiFi connections
  • Give notification to the owner any time the cellphone number or SIM card is changed

This is why this application is highly recommended for parents who want to control their children. How to use this application is also really easy:

  • Visit the official SpyHuman website.
  • Click the Create An Account button > Enter, cellphone number, email address, and create a password.
  • Verify by clicking the link sent to your email.
  • Log in with the email account and password earlier.
  • Download and install the Android application from the link provided on the website.
  • Your application is ready to use

Just like the previous app, here you have to choose between 2 plans, which is Free and Premium. If you want to use all the features that we mentioned above, you have to upgrade to a Premium account for just $ 9.9!


3. Spyzie

How to do Tapping Someone's Phone With Spyzie

‘All the information you need, one monitoring solution’ is the motto in this cool app. Yups, as the name implies, you can track and monitor your phone only via Spyzie.

Don’t worry. You see, this application gives you a free 30 day trial with a myriad of really pro features! If the trial period is over, you can decide to choose the Pro Version plan for $ 49.99 or the Ultimate Version for $ 59.99!

What will you get at Spyzie?

OK, let’s discuss it! Spyzie’s full features:

  • Access to Call History
  • Tracking with the GPS
  • Social media tracking method to WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, WeChat, Tinder, and many others
  • Access to Calendar Activities
  • Can view Browser History and Bookmarks

That is cool, right?

But you can’t access all of them. That full features can only be accessed if you use the Ultimate Version plan. To make it clearer, just go to the official Spyzie website and consider which plan you want to choose.


4. Free Android Spy

How To Spy your Partner's Phone Using Free Android Spy

Don’t want to be outdone by other tracking and tapping applications, Free Android Spy also offers a variety of features that are perfect for tapping the target’s phone. You can also use it as a lost phone tracking application.

The basic function is, this application is perfect for seeing all the contents of the target phone that you are looking at. Starting from SMS, social media, till the phone Gallery!

The cool thing is, this application can also maintain the privacy of the application owner! This means that all the activities you do in this application will not leak to anyone.

Want to know the full features of Free Android Spy? check this out.

  • Tracking the location of your partner’s phone easily using GPS
  • Access and see all contacts on your partner’s phone.
  • Be able to find out all the photos and videos in the Gallery. HP
  • Privacy, tapping will always be safe

Isn’t it cool? What are you waiting for? This application is perfect for young people who are afraid of what’s wrong with their crush. It is also suitable for parents who want to monitor their children!


5. WhatsDog


How to do tapping on your partner’s phone if they already deleted all oh their  WhatsApp history?

Don’t worry, it won’t happen if you use WhatsDog. You see, this application has unique features, one of which is tracking all log activities on social media!

The excellent features of the WhatsDog application are as follows:

  • Calendar to see all activities on WhatsApp that have occurred according to the date selected
  • Online and Offline Notifications to find out all contacts that have been connected and disconnected
  • WhatsApp usage statistics over the last few months
  • Change tapped number settings

So, you can immediately know whether the person is online or not. There’s no reason about left their phone, unread chat, or other else.

The cool one is, you can also change the hide or show Online-Offline settings too!

This is the simple steps to use WhatsDog:

  • Download the WhatsDog application and install it on your cellphone.
  • Select a contact or just enter the WhatsApp number that you want to tap
  • Done!

You will continue to receive notifications when your partner is Online.


SPYMYFONE to Tapping Your Partner's Phone

Another spy application recommended by some of our acquaintances is SPYMYFONE. As the name implies, this application can perform any task to ‘spy’ your child, from access to SMS, Gallery, to log activities in Call History!

You need to underline, you can only access SPYMYFONE via the website. You don’t have to install an Android application.

The way to use it is also easy and really simple! Just with these 3 steps.

  • Visit the official SPYMYFONE website > click Try Now
  • Register by entering an email and creating a password as well.
  • Select the target you will be tapping on, whether it’s using Android or iPhone > Install this application on the target phone (no need to install if the target device is an iPhone or iPad)

Spy on your child or partner with a cool system from this app! Oh yeah, I almost forgot! This application already supports tracking several social media, like Facebook and Instagram.


7. Spyera

Spyera The Best Spy App

You can also use Spyera as an alternative option for tapping your partner’s cellphone. The main function that this cool application provides is that you can control the target cellphone with just a few foci.

Interestingly, this application also has a pro feature where you can directly hear the conversation when the person is calling someone else!

Not only that, but there is also a feature for tapping popular social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, and Snapchat.

No less exciting, you can also directly access the Gallery and Contacts from your partner cellphone!

The premium feature offered by this application is tracking browser history. If you want to access this feature, you can immediately upgrade to a premium member at a cost of around $ 189.99.

Unfortunately, that fee is only for 3 months of use. If you want to continue, you have to pay for a new plan for the next 3 months.


8. SpyHide

SpyHide To Tapping Someone's Cellphone

This is a smartphone spy app that’s completely free for all users! Apart from being free, you will also be spoiled with cool features and super easy ways to use!

No less the paid apps that we mentioned above, this app has pretty cool features!

SpyHide full features:

  • Location monitoring based on GPS
  • Access to Call History and SMS
  • Can see all files in the Gallery, whether it’s photos or videos
  • Access to block unwanted sites
  • There is the technical support that will help all your problems
  • There are paid plans to get more features

Even this application dares to make data comparisons with the performance of other applications!

On the official SpyHide website, there are 3 types of products that you can get as you wish, which is MSPY, Highster Mobile, and Flexispy. Just choose which one is the most suitable for you.


9. TrackView

How To Soy Your Partner's Location using TrackView

If you specifically want to track the target location, you can immediately use the TrackView application. The condition is, you have to use a browser because this application isn’t yet in the Play Store or App Store.

The cool thing is, this application is directly connected to Cloud storage. So you can watch the tracking recording that you did if you missed it.

How to use it is also very simple:

  • Download the TrackView application and install it on your phone.
  • Create an account > connect to your Google account and the target Google account
  • Just go to the Video Monitoring feature to see the location and activities of the person
  • Watch all the statistics in your Cloud storage in case you spend a second, not with them!
  • If you are still in doubt and confused about how to use each feature, you can immediately click the Demo Video button.


10. Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device App To See Whers is Your Partner

Finally, you can use the Google Find My Device application if you want to track your partner’s location.

Indeed, this app can’t be used to hack important features on phones such as SMS, Call History, and Gallery. However, this application provides complete features to find out the position of your phone and updates in real-time.

The full features of Google Find My Device include:

  • The last location of the cellphone and the
  • Indoor Tab map to see the location of the cellphone in a certain room or building
  • Network access and battery
  • condition See the hardware condition in detail.

The cool thing is, this application is available on the Play Store and you can download Google Find My Device for free!

In this modern era, it turns out that there isn’t only a WhatsApp tapping application or about how to hacks into someone’s Wifi, but you can even tap all the info on your partner’s phone using just one app. The cool thing is, your partner will not realize that their activities are tracking live.

And that is How to do Tapping on Someone’s Phone and Hack it 2020 Which apps that you like the most? or do you have another recommendation? Write it down in the comment section below.

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