Here is Foreplay Tips to Reach Orgasm Easily

Foreplay Tips to Reach Orgasm Easily

One of the factors that determine every partner can reach orgasm easily is foreplay. Therefore, it’s important to know the correct way of foreplay so that you and your partner can enjoy and achieve maximum satisfaction in sexual relations.

Foreplay is a series of activities carried out to increase libido before sexual penetration is carried out. Most men are generally more easily aroused, while women are not.

Most women need longer foreplay so that their libido can increase. When you aren’t aroused enough, it will be harder for women to enjoy sexual intercourse or even feel pain during intercourse.

That is why you and your partner need to know how to foreplay that is good and right to make it easier to reach orgasm.

Benefits of Doing Foreplay

In men, a longer duration of foreplay can improve sperm quality. Meanwhile, for women, good and correct foreplay can make the vagina and cervix secrete natural lubricants that can make sexual penetration feel more comfortable.

This fluid also plays a role in helping sperm swim to the ovum and helps sperm live longer in the vagina.

Also, there are several other benefits of foreplay as an opening menu for sex, including:

  • Increase emotional closeness with a partner
  • Generate sexual arousal
  • Make women reach orgasm easily
  • Relieves stress

For the quality of sexual relations to be better, it is important for you and your partner not to rush during sex and do foreplay well.

Foreplay Tips to Reach Orgasm Easily

The key to foreplay is to enjoy every process. Foreplay doesn’t always have to be done in bed and can be done long before sexual intercourse begins, for example by exchanging sexy messages while still at the office or through seductive gestures at dinner.

The following are some ways of foreplay that you and your partner can try:

Emotional touch

Before meeting your partner, you can try to flirt by phone or text. You can also give him a compliment or a gift that he likes because it can indirectly influence and increase his sexual desire.

When you’ve met your partner, try to create a romantic and sensual room atmosphere, for example with aromatherapy candles, flowers, and romantic music. This way of foreplay might make you and your partner feel more excited.

Physical touch

You can do foreplay by caressing your partner’s body and hair, hugging, or even giving him a massage. When the atmosphere gets better, start by feeling the sensitive parts.

There are several sensitive areas in women that can be touched, such as the breasts, wrists, ears, neck, thighs, and behind the knees. While in men, sensitive areas include the neck, inner thighs, legs, and intimate organs. When that part is touched, your partner will be more excited.

Intimate touch

When you and your partner have started to increase, continue the foreplay session by kissing. Not only on the lips, explore your partner’s body by kissing their neck, shoulders, or back. When kissing your partner, you can try whispering seductive words in his ear.

You may start to sigh as the kiss and touch get more intense. However, you must still hold back and not rush to penetrate.

Before starting penetration, try to continue foreplay by stimulating the intimate area, namely the clitoris in women and the penis in men. At this point, you are free to get creative by playing with your fingers or engaging in oral sex.

After you and your partner are really ready, then move on to the main part of sexual relations, which is sexual penetration.

When engaging in penetration, communication is still important so that you and your partner can achieve maximum sexual satisfaction. For men, you can also see These 5 Safe Techniques to Have Last long Sex with your women.

Foreplay is an important stage in sexual relations for men and women. However, each partner’s sexual desires are generally unique and different.

How to foreplay that is effective in one partner isn’t surely effective for the other partner. Therefore, don’t hesitate to communicate or talk about this to your partner.

If you have tried some of the foreplay methods above, but you or your partner still can’t reach orgasm easily, don’t hesitate to consult a psychologist who specializes in sexual relations for more tips.

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