Google Tests Apple’s AirDrop Competitor File Sharing Feature

Google is currently testing the Nearby Share feature. This is done by Google to share more information in the future.

Even touted, some Android users have tested the Nearby Share beta.

This feature is rumored by Android Police, Google resembles Apple’s AirDrop, Nearby Share appears to function as an Android version of AirDrop. Users can use Nearby Share to move files between nearby Android phones.

More specifically, Nearby Share works for photos, videos, links, and also tweets. However, this feature can’t be used to send files to strangers. The user must have a series of functions and set the phone to visible settings, which are easily done via the Quick Settings menu, before being able to receive files.

Google Nearby Share

Besides, the recipient must also receive the file sent manually before it will open automatically. As a reminder, Samsung has developed a similar feature Nearby Share and AirDrop with Quick Share.

A user must set the function and make their phone ‘visible’ before receiving content. They also have to manually accept files before opening.

Google plans to roll out the Nearby Share feature for devices running Android 6 and above and other platforms. Nearby Share started appearing on Chrome OS Canary build earlier this month, indicating that the feature will also work on Chromebooks.

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