Google Sued For Dominating Ads and Search Engine (Again)

The lawsuit against Google

Google has been plagued by problems in recent years with its search and advertising businesses, and it looks like the United States is next in line to target that giant company.

According to Reuters, citing three sources with knowledge of the matter, the US Department of Justice will file a trialagainst Google as soon as next week. The department also allegedly asked the state attorney general to sign the lawsuit.

The lawsuit reportedly accuses Google of trying to harm search rivals such as Bing. More specifically, Google is claimed to deprive competitors of “data about users and user preferences” needed to improve their services and advertisements.

Reuters says the Justice Department also underlines search ads that appear below the Google search box, noting that Google controls this search box and related tools.

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The lawsuit against Google

Google Sued For Dominating Ads and Search Engine

This isn’t the first time Google has come under fire for its search and advertising practices. The European Commission has imposed a fine of € 1.49 billion or the equivalent of Rp26 trillion against Google last year for abuse of online advertising.

The European Union found that Google prohibited rivals for search advertisers (such as Bing and Yahoo) from showing ads on publisher search pages. The European Union also found publishers must obtain written approval from Google before making visual changes to competitor ads.

Google was also fined nearly $ 5 Billion by the EU in 2018 for abusing its dominant position on the Android system. The European Union took issue with Google requiring Android OEMs to combine the Chrome browser and the Google Search app if they wanted to install Google Play Services on their devices.

The European Commission also said Google was giving some manufacturers and operators an incentive to exclusively pre-install Google Search and prevented OEM partners from releasing devices with modified versions of Android.

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