Google Meet Now Available in Gmail on Android and iOS

Google Meet Now Available in Gmail on Android and iOS

Google is making updates to Google meet services. Engadget reported, Google announced that from now on, users can take part in video conferencing on Meet, through the Gmail application on iOS and Android.

To be clear, Gmail mobile users will not need a special Meet application to join a meeting.

Integration is easy-peasy for users, the article they no longer need to download the application specifically Meet to join the video conference. This interference will be brought about in the latest Gmail application update. The application will bring the Meet tab at the bottom of the screen.

If you don’t want Meet to appear as a tab, the user must turn off the integration in the settings menu. Google really encourages Meet as part of Gmail.

The new Meet tab will show all Meet meetings that are on Google Calendar. In addition, this application also allows users to create new meetings or schedule meetings in Calendar.

Many things are done by Google to rival Zoom. One of the way is to make the platform a video conference for up to 32 people.

Google Meet Supported in Gmail on Android and iOS

Google itself has made free access to Meet since April, when most of the world’s population worked from home during quarantine to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

Previously, Meet could only be used for G-Suite users who had to pay a subscription fee.

The Meet integration in Gmail could threaten the popularity of Zoom, which was widely used during the Covid-19 pandemic for online meetings.

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