Game Domains of Batman and Suicide Squad Spread Out!

Batman and Suicide Squad Game

The Information about Warner Bros (WB) will introduce new games that have been known since early 2020. In fact, one of the teasers revealed by the WB Games Montreal on his Twitter account.

This was further clarified by the discovery of a new domain on June 16 called and registered on the Whois site.

Metro Uk reported Whois itself is a site where the search for information on a domain. Not only the Suicide Squad game, a few days after that also appeared a new domain for games from the Batman series.

But please note, the domain does not include the WB name in it. Although not revealed yet, another account said that the party registering the domain was an employee of the WB.

Suicide Squad Hame

Unfortunately, there is no other information about this Batman and Suicide Squad game. However, Warner Bros. has announced it will hold a digital event on August 22, 2020, with the headline DC Fandom.

Through the event, a variety of the latest information about DC Comics will be revealed, including one of them is a game. Therefore, it is interesting to wait for the official announcement later.

This event itself promises a new announcement from WB. like games, film, TV, and their DC Comic Book branch. In addition, this event will also feature exclusive footage that can be enjoyed by DC fans who have faithfully waited. This virtual event is planned to be held on August 22, 2020, and will be aired globally.

Last May, the official Twitter of WB Montréal Games announced that they were indeed working on their latest project and hoped that the fans could wait while saying “stay tuned!”.

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