Facebook Messenger For iPhone users Can Lock Chat with Face ID

Facebook Messenger Supported Face ID

Facebook Messenger For iPhone users Can Lock Chat with Face ID

Facebook provides new updates on its security, especially for iPhone and iPad users. This security is used when accessing the messenger.

This application can now be locked directly or shortly after closing.

Reported by Indian Express, this locking involves methods such as Face ID or Touch ID to unlock. This means that the user can unlock the phone and allow to borrow the device, without giving access to the conversation in Messenger.

This application is now also supported by the Privacy section of the settings menu, making it easier for users to find control features for privacy, such as App Lock, and other Facebook users that have been blocked.

Facebook Messenger Supported Apple Face ID

Previously, in May, Facebook Messenger was rumored to be displaying a warning message when a suspicious person contacted the user. This feature focuses on detecting potential scammers before they can be dangerous.

Users under the age of 18 will see a warning if they receive messages from adults they don’t know.

The same step also applies when a user is contacted by someone who is not on their friend list. The reason, social networking sites use sophisticated machine learning algorithms to identify scammers.

For example, when someone tries to impersonate a friend, the system will see a similarity in the name and display the message “This chat with someone whose name is similar to a friend”. Then, users can easily block suspicious people from the same chat window.

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