Coming Soon, Here are 5 WhatsApp New Features

5 Whatsapp New Features

WhatsApp continues to strive to develop it’s messaging application platform. Now a breakthrough made by Facebook’s app by introducing 5 new features that will be present.

The following 5 new features will be available on WhatsApp

“Today we are proud to confirm several new features that will be launched in the next few weeks,” WhatsApp wrote, in its official statement, Thursday (2/7).

Animated sticker

Animated stickers are in great demand by WhatsApp users. In addition to diverse designs, animated stickers are also able to describe responses to be more expressive. Going forward, WhatsApp promises to be even more animated stickers that are more exciting and expressive.

QR code

After being released, WhatsApp immediately brought back the QR code feature. That way, users can easily add other users’ contacts, without the need to enter them manually.

Desktop Version Dark Mode

After releasing the Mobile version, WhatsApp plans to launch dark mode on the desktop or web version. WhatsApp users on both platforms can taste the popular dark mode lately.

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Enhanced Group Video Calls

At this time, video calls can be made for up to 8 people. This function is easily available, you only need to tap once on the video call icon in the group. Users can also press and hold the participant’s video to get a full video view.

Status on KaiOS

For KaiOS users, WhatsApp launches the status feature. With that, users can upload their latest status which will disappear automatically for 24 hours. For information, this feature has long been present on the Android and iOS platforms.

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