Change Ad Format, YouTube Users Can Shop Directly

YouTube Users Can Shop Directly

The appearance of advertisements in the middle of YouTube videos is indeed annoying. No wonder so many users jump over the ads. However, this time Youtube has the right action to prevent that.

The format of the Youtube ad has changed. Today, users not only watch advertisements but can also view shopping catalogs. In other words, Youtube allows its users to shop directly.

Later, when the ad appears there will be a product catalog at the bottom of the video screen. Then, under the picture, there is a tab that will direct users directly to the shopping site page.

In this way, Youtube believes in being able to attract more buyers amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, the video streaming platform claims there is as many as 70 percents of consumers who buy products after seeing advertisements on Youtube.

YouTube Users Can Shop Directly Now

To use this new feature, advertisers must synchronize the Google Merchant Center feed to the ad video. For information, Google Merchant is a container for collecting information related to the product to be promoted.

And then, advertisers can use ‘call to action’ by linking to their best-selling products so they appear on youtube to attract the audience’s interest, which will be through directly to the advertiser’s official site.

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