Catapa at Office Application Supports Companies in Facing New Normal

To support the implementation of new normal in the company, Catapa is a digital payroll platform and AI-based HR management, presenting the Catapa at Office application.

Stefanie Suanita, CEO of Catapa revealed the new normal period is a new challenge, companies and employees should adapt to the new work system arrangement which is synergized with the implementation of health protocols.

Stefanie said, in Catapa at Office, supported by four features that support the company in dealing with new normal.

Not only that, but the Catapa at Office feature is also equipped with the latest technological innovations that are present to help companies to be able to increase productivity while providing a sense of security and comfort for employees who have had to return to work.

“The four new features incorporated in the Catapa at Office category aim to create productivity with a sense of security and comfort for employees while adhering to government regulations relating to the new normal transition,” Stefanie said

Here are four features with the latest innovations incorporated in Catapa at Office:

1. Catapa Safe application

This feature applies the concept of physical distancing. Users can install this application on the mobile phone and later employees will get an automatic and real-time alert if fellow employees are too close physically while working.

2. Mask Detection

Catapa helps in monitoring the use of masks automatically by using technology through CCTV cameras at the company. The system will automatically notify the interested parties if there are employees who do not use masks.

3. Contactless Attendance

Companies no longer need to use fingerprints to record attendance. With facial recognition, companies can reduce the risk of transmission because they do not need fingerprints that are touched by many people.

4. Digital Approval

With a digital approval solution, signing can be done through your device instantly and automatically without using up paper. This process is very helpful for companies to reduce media/means of virus transmission.

In addition, Catapa also has other products for companies that still enforce work from home policies or work remotely from other places, namely Catapa at Home.

Catapa Apps

The features of Catapa at Home include:

Attendance recording (time in and out) which is equipped with location detection can be accessed directly from each employee’s mobile phone and take a selfie.

Requests for leave and overtime can also be accessed directly from employees’ mobile phones or by chatting with Claudia chatbot. If the application for leave and overtime has been approved, the employees will also get notifications via email.

Approval or rejection of attendance, leave permission, and overtime requests for supervision that can be accessed from a mobile phone. Supervisors will automatically get notifications via email for requests sent by employees into the Catapa system.

Provision of the dashboard to monitor the attendance, leave, and overtime of all employees which can be accessed via mobile phone. This dashboard can only be accessed by certain people who have been given access by the company.

Run payroll from home quickly and accurately using the One-Click Payroll feature. Including calculation of BPJS Health, BPJS Employment, and PPh 21 automatically. Catapa has supported the calculation of PPh 21 borne by the government (DTP).

Provides a salary slip and annual tax return (1721 A1) which can be downloaded easily via a mobile phone.

Submitting claims until approval or rejection can be done via mobile phone without having to come to the office. The supervisors will automatically get notifications via email for every claim submission made by the employee.

As SaaS (Software as a Service), CATAPA guarantees server management, installation, backup, repair, and security of your data when you work at home or in the office. Companies no longer need to think about purchasing and maintaining servers.

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