Captain America’s New Skin Comes to the Fortnite

Fortnite finally officially confirmed the presence of the new Captain America skin.

In its announcement, Fortnite said that from now on, the new skin can already be obtained by the player. If you see, the appearance of the Captain America costume worn is an earlier version.

Forbes reported, if you buy the skin, players will also get Captain America’s iconic shield, which isn’t just a cosmetic.

So, players can use Captain America’s shield on their backs and as weapons in the game. Captain America’s shield has appeared in previous games.

Players can also use it last year as a special item in Avengers-themed mode for a limited time. But, players cannot buy it to be worn whenever they want.

In addition to skins, Fortnite will also present special challenges for Captain America. If you win the challenge, the player can get an additional interesting XP bundle.

At present, the challenge isn’t available yet but will be present soon.

Captain America's Skin

Fortnite has a long history of offering skins based on popular comic book characters. Deadpool is available as part of last season’s battle pass.

Then, Aquaman is played as part of the battle pass this season. Epic Games also sold Black Widow and Star-Lord from Marvel as part of last year’s Avengers crossover and Skin X-Force last season.

The Fortnite game presents the latest Captain America skin for 2,000 V-buck from in-game Fortnite store.

In addition, there are also new Captain America-themed fireworks emote for sale. Fireworks emote can be used to celebrate Independence Day on the island of Fortnite this weekend.

Unfortunately, you cannot get emote for free. You need to spend 300 V-buck to get the firework emote.

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