C11 Realme Review: The Best Entry-level Smartphone. Big battery, Big screen!

Realme C11 is The Best Entry-level Smartphone

After presenting the flagship series, Realme XZ SuperZoom, they now introducing the affordable series in the C series. The latest variant of the C11 Realme began to circulate in the archipelago today, 30 June 2020.

In the C series family,  C11 is the successor to the C2 realme, one of the best-selling smartphones in 2019. On the global scene, the C series has been used by more than 13 million people worldwide.

Carrying the same DNA, the C11 is back as a smartphone with trendsetting design and technology, offering powerful capability, futuristic design, and most importantly, a price tag that is loved by many people.

Only with $100, users can already have a device with an excellent battery and exciting features without limits. Starting from a Big 5000mAh battery with reverse charging, 6.5-inch screen, 13MP AI dual camera complete with Night Mode, geometric design, three card slots, Helio G35 processor, and of course UI with integrated Dark Mode.

With a myriad of features and friendly prices, we call the C11 realme as the Entry-Level Champion. For more details, the following CloverLeo reviews regarding the latest C11 realme smartphone.

C11 Realme The Best Entry-level Smartphone

Keep in mind, if you order this device on launch day, you are among the first group in the world to be the owner of this smartphone.


Realme C11 Design

Realme C11 comes in two color variants and two configurations: Mint Green and Pepper Gray and RAM 2/32 and 3/32. The device we reviewed was Mint Green, with a 2GB RAM configuration and 32GB of internal storage.

In terms of design, Realme C11 is greater than C2. The advantage is that you now have a 6.5 inch wider 20: 9 screen (6.1 inches on C2 realme) and a larger battery, 5,000mAh (4,000mAh on C2 realme).

The 6.5-inch screen is accompanied by a Mini-drop design for a wider field of view when watching videos or playing games.

A wider field of view provides the best experience for gaming, audio, and video while minimizing visual disturbances while giving you a screen experience that is close to fullscreen.

Plus a full-screen Mini-drop accent with an 88.7% screen-to-body ratio, allowing users to have fewer visual distractions while enjoying the comfort of a full 6.5-inch screen.

Then on the rear panel, a new geometric design that is comfortable to hold appears with an accented camera module like a high-end smartphone that is currently trending.

The back of C11 has a texture that is processed using the latest technology from Germany with a precision five-axis engraving machine.

The use of this technology makes C11 more colorful, attractive, comfortable, and most importantly minimizes fingerprint marks and effectively prevents scratches and slipping from hands.

On the back, there is an accent like a ribbon that stretches from the location of the camera module above to the bottom, where the engraving of a thick realme logo to make the design more iconic and beautiful. The camera module is also designed in the form of a box-like the current trend.

Two lenses, a flashlight, and a camera spec are located nicely on the edges and corners, making the rear look more premium and more trendy. A refreshing design from the back of the previous realme.


Triple Slot

Realme C11Triple Slot

Don’t worry about activating two SIM cards and inserting one microSD at one time, because this Realme is supported by three slots dedicated card, and it’s also can read additional memory up to 256GB.

The SIM Card and microSD drawer are in one case on the left side of the phone while the opposite side is decorated with the Power and Volume buttons.

For charge purposes, the mini USB port is located at the bottom along with a 3.5mm audio jack and stereo speakers and microphone.


13MP AI Dual Camera

Realme C11 Camera

Users can take cool photos at night brightly. Because Realme C11 also has features better than previous models, E.g, Nightscape, the best features that usually exist in the mid-high class segment. Making C11 as the first entry-level smartphone that has that feature.

C11 is also supported by two rear cameras with a 13MP main camera, sensors, and a large f / 2.2 aperture that is enough to capture light and make your photos clearer and brighter.

Besides, it also supports PDAF which makes focus faster and more accurate. The 4x zoom feature also allows users to take clear photos even from a distance.

Two rear cameras already support hardware-level cool effects, making photos more natural and subject more prominent, even its plants, animals, or humans.

Nightscape mode makes C11 as a smartphone with the best night mode features in its segment. The algorithm from Nightscape Mode will take several photos in different exposures then combine them into a photo by selecting the best part of each photo.

As a result of Nightscape Mode, nighttime photos will be brighter and clearer. While the 5MP front camera, complete with AI Beauty, HDR, Panoramic View, and Timelapse modes. As for the video,this phone can record 720p, 1080p resolution video at 30 fps.


Realme C11 Performance

Realme C11 presents the MediaTek Helio G35 processor which is the best processor for playing mobile games in this segment.

This is an eight-core processor made with a 12nm production process and 2.3GHz speed, adopting the Cortex A53 structure, making it one of the fastest and newest processors in its category.

This processor is ideal for smartphone users and novice gamers because it can handle the majority of medium and heavy applications or games that are widely used. Compared to other smartphones in its segment, the C11 benchmark score is higher.

The C11 Realme will be available in two variants: (2GB + 32GB) or (3GB + 32GB) which are powered by LPDDR4X RAM. Compared to LPDDR3, graphics performance has increased by 20% and RAM performance has increased by 100%.



A big battery with longer durability for gaming needs, watching videos, playing music, and even the longest standby time. Realme C11 has a very powerful battery capacity of 5,000mAh so you can use it without stopping, whenever you want.

According to the test results in the Realme Lab, the C11 can last up to 40 days in standby mode, even better than some flagship smartphones. Supports OTG reverse charging,  C11 realme can also be a saver to your battery.

Also based on Battery life test results, Realme C11 can receive phone calls for nearly 32 hours, play videos offline for almost 22 hours, play PUBG for 10 hours, play offline music for 170 hours and watch YouTube 19 hours.


Realme UI

Realme C11 UI Design

The C11 Reame is supported by the Android 10-based on the Realme UI interface. It’s very clear, this latest Realme UI is indeed designed for young users with an energetic and fresh look. When we try, the UI works smoothly and pleasantly when used.

Design for the future. Simple but not boring, inspired by the daily lifestyle of the younger generation. To achieve a real design in visual effects, Realme UI is designed by considering 4 things – system colors, icons, wallpapers, and animations.

In features, Realme UI is equipped with Dark Mode default. This mode is optimized to be able to work in more third-party applications, the background of the application drawer which shifts from light to dark when Dark Mode is activated. This mode also allows you to set it to automatically turn on at sunset and deactivate at sunrise.


Anti-Mainstream Features

Realme C11 Features

Realme C11 is equipped with many useful and unique features. One of them is Dual Mode Music Share. This mode is very useful when two users try to enjoy the same video or song at the same time from the same device.

Users can connect a pair of wireless earbuds and wired earphones simultaneously so that two users at the same time can listen to the same song playing from the same smartphone.

This feature is supported if one user listens to music in Bluetooth and wired headphones at the same time. Then, if one user is calling via Bluetooth and the other user is listening to music through a cable device.

In addition to dual music share modes, the C11 also supports Focus Mode which will help users concentrate and relax, without being distracted from your phone.

Turning on “Focus Mode” can help users isolate themselves from the outside world. The system will simultaneously play some soothing music. This mode will activate DND (Do Not Disturb Mode), preventing new notifications to accumulate. You can choose one of four default tones to calm your nerves.

Realme also provides an additional security feature titled “Protection of Personal Information” in the UI, the system will provide a blank information page when the application asks to access the user’s personal information. This ensures your call history, contacts and messages remain private and prevents information leakage.

Screenshot in C11 is also easier. Just use 3 fingers pulled from the top screen to the bottom, you’ve taken a screenshot right away.

To take screenshots of only selected parts of the screen, just press and hold on the screen then swipe. No need to cut. Taking a partial screenshot is done in just one step


With a significant upgrade from its predecessor model, Realme C11 is believed to be able to embrace the same achievements as the best-selling smartphone this year. With the official price of only US$ 100, users can already get a phone with a powerful battery and exciting features without limits.

Starting from a big 5000mAh battery with reverse charging, a 6.5-inch screen with mini-drop bangs, 13MP AI dual camera complete with Nightscape, minimal fingerprint geometric design, three card slots, UI with integrated Dark Mode and of course the Helio G35 processor.

With a myriad of features and friendly prices, it’s right to call Realme C11 as The Best Entry-level Smartphone

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