BIG, This is what Playstation 5 Looks Like

PS 5 Look Bigger Than PS 4

After Sony introduced how the Playstation 5 looks like, many people hope that the original form of the PS 5 would be more minimalist than its predecessor. However, it turns out that images on the internet reveal new facts.

It is successfully proved that the form of PS 5 looks bigger than PS 4, as quoted by Digital Trend, Monday (6/22). In the outstanding picture, three men in uniform with factory backgrounds are also seen. It is suspected that this picture was taken from one of Sony’s factories.

The device held looks very similar to the PS 5 design that Sony has introduced. This can be seen from the white color, although not visible in black and blue because the photo only shows the front view.

PS 5 Looks Like

Also, the concern is the size is fairly large and tall. Many have speculated that this is a regular version of PS 5 which still using an optical disc.

Even so, the bigger shape of PS 5 is still understandable. Because the successor of the PS 4 is claimed to be going to bring a sophisticated performance that is likely to add components to spur the gaming device. We will see.

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