Among Us, Will Be Present on Console

Among Us

The Among Us has been in great demand lately. Not a few players have uploaded it to social media. Because it is quite popular, Among Us game developer, Inneslot, plans to expand the market.

Inneslot said that the company might release a console version of Among Us. Initially only available for smartphones, PCs, or laptops, Among Us is coming soon in a gaming console version, such as PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo.

However, Forest Willard, Programmer of Inneslot said that a process is needed to prepare all of this. Especially, about the chat system, where the smartphone version and others are still texting in regular chat rooms.

“(The console port) is something we’re starting to talk about. But we have to make a system for fast communication, for ROM, like Rocket League. I don’t know if we can implement console voice chat or not.” he said, quoted from Gamerant, Thursday (24/9).

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Besides, Willard also added that the first thing he wanted to add was the type of system for the friend’s list. According to him, because it is very difficult to do anything without these features.

So far, players can only access Among Us via smartphones, PCs, or laptops. Also note, Among Us allows users to play together. The reason is, players can form their playroom, which then invites other members to join.

There are two types of characters, namely Crewmate and Impostor who play the main role in the game. This game is similar to Werewolf, where players try to find out who the culprit is.

To decide that, players will vote in the available chat column while negotiating who did it. If so, the results of the vote are the determining factor. For those of you who are curious, you can download it directly through the application store, either on Android or iOS.

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