All Android Smartphones Can Use Gmail Go

Gmail Go

It turns out that not only Android Go users need the Gmail Go application. It’s known that many other Android smartphone users need the Gmail Go application because they want to save memory and RAM usage on their smartphones.

The reason is, the Gmail Go application is deliberately made not to use the performance of a large processor and RAM. Gmail Go’s size is flexible, adapting to different devices. This means that the Go version of Google apps is usually less than 1GB.

All Android Smartphones Can Use Gmail Go

Responding to users’ expectations, Google has finally announced that it will present the Gmail Go application to all Android users, be it those running the Android Go operating system or the usual Android with high specifications such as flagship smartphones.

As quoted by the First Post, this can be done after Google decided to expand the reach of its email application, not only for Android Go.

The goal is that users in areas with limited connectivity, quotas, and smartphones with low operating systems can still enjoy Google services.

The app itself offers the same features as the regular Gmail application. But as the name suggests, this app has a smaller data size and consumption.

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However, as the name implies, this application has a smaller data size and consumption. Additionally, there are some cuts that Google has made. One of them is the Google Meet option which is now at the bottom right of the Gmail application removed.

Gmail Go’s appearance is also made simpler than the regular version. Then, this application has a limited framerate, so when used on high framerate devices, it looks a bit choked up.

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