Adobe Photoshop Available on Android and iOS

Adobe Photoshop Camera Now On Android and IOS

Adobe software is very reliable in editing images, and so popular among PC users. Now, Adobe is providing a new application for smartphone users who love taking photos and editing images directly on their smartphones.

Named Adobe Photoshop Camera, the application is available for free on Google Play and App Store, combines camera capabilities with smartphone performance. The app has actually been developed by Adobe since November 2019, before finally starting to be published.

As DV Review reports, this application relies on the Adobe Sensei platform, with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to recognize subjects in photographs and recommend filters.

With Photoshop Camera users can apply various filters and interesting effects to create unique and creative photos for social media content.

Furthermore, the application developer has provided 80 filters that can be directly used by users. The filter options available include Portrait, Studio Light, Pop Art, Food, Decoration, Natural Sky, and many more.

Another feature provided by the developer in the application is the feature to delete and change the background around the object that appears in the photo.

For those who want to choose filters manually, the developer also provides these freedom options. Users can independently adjust shadows, highlights, and exposure.

Adobe Photoshop Available on Android and IOS

Users can also edit photos for several parameters such as Shadows, highlights, and exposure. The application will later also only be available for Android version 9 / Pie.

In addition to filters, Photoshop Camera brings AI-based editing features, auto-tune to automatically adjust brightness and shading, auto-masking, portrait controls, and content-aware recommendations to get photos with the best effects.

Despite carrying the name Photoshop, Adobe designed this application not for professional photographers. But for content creators on social media and influencers to make it easier for them to create creative content.

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