7 Ways to Know Your Smartphone is Tapped, Easily!

7 Ways to Know Your , Easily!

Currently, security is still a complicated problem in the world of technology, including the gadget that you use. You also must often hear cases of hacking that befall large companies. But, it’s not impossible cybercrime doesn’t happen to you.

Moreover, now there are many ways to spy other phones that can be done easily by anyone, including you. To protect yourself from that kind of cybercrime, it’s a good idea to check your phone by yourself to find out whether yours is tapped or not.

Then, how do you know if your phone is tapped? No need to be confused, just immediately refer to the explanation below! If you feel that your phone has been tapped, there will be unusual signs that make you suspicious.

Well, before trying to check how a smartphone is tapped, it’s better to read the following article about the symptoms of tapped smartphones.

How to Check a Tapped Phones?

After knowing the symptoms of tapped phones, you can override them in plenty of very easy ways, you know!

You can refer to the following trick, To find out what are the ways your phone is tapped or not.

1. Cannot log in

Cannot Log In Whatsapp

One way to find out if a phone is tapped is by checking activity on WhatsApp. When you use your phone again after leaving it, try opening the WhatsApp application.

If the WhatsApp application suddenly logs out, there may be other parties who are using your mobile number to log in to the WhatsApp on another phone.

This can also occur when a phone number has been duplicated, so hackers can easily open messages containing OTP codes to log in to WhatsApp.


2. Messages Read Even Not Opened yet

Messages Read Even Not Opened yet

The next way to check your phone is by checking incoming messages, whether SMS, WhatsApp, Line, or other chat applications. When you find a message that is read but you don’t open the message yet, it’a chance that your phone is being tapped.

When you haven’t opened an incoming message but the notification suddenly disappears, it’s probably someone else that opened the message.


3. Strange Text Messages

Tapped Smartphone

Ever received a strange text message containing numbers, symbols, or random characters? If ever, be careful! Because you might be spied on this strange text message comes from the remote control feature in wiretapping software that sends it to your phone.

To secure your phone from being intercepted and remove the bugging applications that are secretly installed on your phone, you can do a factory reset. But before doing this, make sure you have backed up important data on your phone so you can restore it.


4. Hard to turn off

Hard To Turn Off

Ever experienced strange activity on your smartphone while you were using it and you tried to restart it but it was difficult? Warning!

When you want to turn off your phone, but you need a long time to be able to do it, maybe someone is tapping it.

Hard to turn off the phone usually occurs because there is an activity of sending information from your phone to people who tap or the third parties.


5. Check WhatsApp Web

Whatsapp Web

When someone is tapping your phone and using your WhatsApp, you can immediately find out with the WhatsApp Web feature.

The trick, check WhatsApp Web via mobile. If it turns out you are logged in on a device that you don’t recognize with a location that is also unknown, it means that someone is actually tapping you.

You can immediately log out of all devices connected to WhatsApp on your phone so that other people can no longer tap it remotely,


6. Check with Number *#21#

Check with Number *#21#

How to find out your phone is tapped can also be done by checking it through a secret number. This method is done by calling *#21#.

This secret code you can use to find out if there is a redirect call on the phone you are using.

If you don’t feel that you have redirected the call but the service is active, you can be sure that someone is listening.

The trick, type *#21# on the phone then press the Call button. After that, the information will appear whether there are calls redirected or not.


7. Check with Number *#61#

Check With Number *#61#

Besides to *#21#, you can also try to find out that your phone is tapped by making a phone call to * #61$# 

After making a call to that number, there will be informed whether the phone is tapped or not.

If your cellphone is not tapped, it will say “Not Forwarding”. On the other side, when the phone is tapped, the words “Forwarding” will appear along with the number that is tapping.

Well, that was a way to find out which phones are tapped that you can do easily without professional help.

With these methods, you can also take precautionary measures and overcome them so the phone you use can’t be tapped again.

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